The morbid tales of Cirebon's tomb-ghoul and the devastation of the (...gloomy) formless night (Interview with INCINERATED)

Barely open the coffin creep around Cirebon, Indonesia. INCINERATED quickly got my attention when "MMXVI" demo (rotten) dis-spread around the stinking and disgusting DEATH METAL-Underground scene. Morbid and full with (festering-stench) rotting riff's contained from that release should be a remark as a Indonesian Death Metal-Underground release you need to listen in the future. Filth-song structure and melo-death probably the bigger unholy-lights in here. Just morbid and death-grotesque disease! Here,  Y.F will answering all the dead-sentenced towards INCINERATED existences and what happen around Cirebon's graveyard. 

MIKA ROTTEN - Welcome to the stinky and filthy side of DISCARNAGE mates! And, it’s look you all have fun and enjoy during SEWERCIDE “Indonesian tour 2017”. First of all, could you share something special about this rotten tour/gig?
Y.F - Thank you very much Mika Rotten, glad to be a part of DISCARNAGE zine. The last tour was good we share our altar with good band and also we have a great time as usual with people who organize our gigs and some good people who come to the gigs. And the last our show with SEWERCIDE was good, they’re really a very good people.

MIKA ROTTEN - Beside your hometown, how many places over the Indonesian ‘dead’ cemeteries involved to make this rotten tour/gig success?
Y.F - I think all places will be good if they’re in a same vision with us. and the formless night’s tour have  4 great places Jakarta,Kuningan,Malang and Surabaya, we meet a lot good people.

MIKA ROTTEN -  In early 2000’ (and since the early 90’s) and till nowdays, Indonesia already strongest in terms of DEATH METAL. Some bands like TRAUMA, TENGKORAK, ADAPTOR  to names a few already have their own fan-based. But, to make it’s clear here, I actually didn’t pay a lot attention about their existence. Sorry about that. And since the re-awakening of EXHUMATION and the rotting record label, MORBID BASTARD records few years ago, I could see DEATH METAL in your country divided into two parts, and for me, I more prefer the ugly and morbid one. Less than other, how this scenario started and make the “young” (not so old!) Deadhead loved the obscure and the morbid ancient styles of Death!? 
Y.F - Well, It’s simple, to search another chaos & madness. So i must reach to cut the throat of this world. You know that, DEATH METAL must be morbid & dreadful!

MIKA ROTTEN - Without any doubt, some bands hailing from your country are really good dismembered their tunes, also I’ll give a credits how their handle the sound production. Less I know, Indonesia not a rich country, seem I’m also coming from there. The question is, it’s easy to find a proper recording studio there and delivered a good final result?
Y.F - Really hard to find recording studio what we want in our city. In our demo, i give the opportunity to my childmate. He told me he have a home recording so quickly I come to the place to see the stuff what he use. he have marshall amp,drums, mic and other thing what we want. Of course not in good condition but we maximized our creativity.

MIKA ROTTEN - Let’s stop till that, and here the perfect times to us to introduced the existence of INCINERATED. Here yours times, to wrote about this new death mental illness in town …
Y.F - INCINERATED was born from agony fire in early 2014. It’s YF idea. not to long YF ask to highschool mate R cause he want a partner in the band. So YF and R start rehearsal covered HELHAMMER early MAYHEM & ANTI CIMEX. in the early 2015 YF meet MD in gigs, share the vision and passion of the band, quickly MD join. after couples a weeks MD told YF he had a friend which interest in what we doing, so the both of them meet YN. we rehearsal after 2 weeks meet. In late 2015 wehang out with G and talk about the you know G is the last member join on this madness.

MIKA ROTTEN - Before all the Deadhead in INCINERATED was slaughtered in one dead coffins  and let be rot forever, did all the members come from other different bands or background music? And how do you see their passion about the direction of “ugly and dirty” Death Metal INCINERATED played? Should you list up some “old” influences that infected the creation of INCINERATED?
Y.F - Oh ya i think we have different kind of music in the first time we meet, we don’t limit ourselves for influences, but if we in INCINERATED we unleash our souls to burning with agony fire. we’re know what INCINERATED need. for me MORBID ANGEL and SARCOFAGO is important. 

MIKA ROTTEN - I guess INCINERATED debut demo already crushing and hit over the burial ground around Indonesia dead tombs. And not to be lated, to say congrats for the reborn of the new blasphemy of Death tunes! How the Metalhead reacted about your new demo’s? And it’s look Cavernous Records also will re-press it’s again in CD. 
Y.F - The reacted is good, thanks for the maniacs! Well, Cavernous records will handle our EP not repress our demo.

MIKA ROTTEN - Without a long introducing by the ghouls, INCINERATED demo totally blew me up with the fast-grinding riffs, heavy tones of sound and it’s perfectly solid in mostly part. I really loved how Y.F tortured his throat and slicing his tongue. I think you’ll have a great times do a recording in studio without any big burden to force the evil out.
Y.F - Of course! we have great a long times process our demo with my childmate. The devil’s always have great work behind us.

MIKA ROTTEN - In terms of song de-composition , I could see you try to play safe here but there some parts you’re already near into the dead hole. Personally, simple and straight forward song-writing is a best formula to created  the unholy tunes of madness, atleast for me. Did you ever think before, why some “old” DM bands successful throwing a great song structure in the past and it’s remains as classick till now? It’s also maybe the formula that many new bands used it’s today,  mixing between the “old” flavor and then “recycle” it’s back into their own styles. Should  this “new arrangement” become great and always be remembered in the future by the Deadhead and the DM underground scenes?
Y.F - yeah i think, if that’s authentic it’s always be remember and maybe inspiring.

MIKA ROTTEN - To be more priceless, INCINERATED debut demo totally another great releases should goes into “Best of Death Metal 2016”. The devastating and pure madness atmosphere coming from that demo already surprise me. And regarding the debut demo appear on the ground, do you already in progress to make a new madness tunes? 
Y.F - Thanks! We just focus working for our EP.

MIKA ROTTEN - And seem INCINERATED crawl from the deep of CIREBON graveyards, any new “diseases” mangle here you’re wanna introduced to us beside INCINERATED? How about the DM - community on your places? 
Y.F - Basically Cirebon is small town and have a bunch of street punk bands. The metal scenes have effort too, but i’m not sure about this. I just hang out with my bandmates or my friends, and also I rarely go to the show, it didn’t mean i dont support the local metal show, it’s just because i don’t interested for the vision or idea what they have or the bands line-up. So simple, sometimes i must go to another places to see what the band i wanted.

MIKA ROTTEN - How about the tour in MALAYSIA?  especially in my town, Kota Kinabalu could we see it’s happen in the future? 
Y.F - Of course we hope it happen!

MIKA ROTTEN - Ok, Let’s clear some parts before we ripping the last parts of this interview, give us a “highlight” why people out there, especially all obscure and morbid of Death fans should pay attention to INCINERATED after this
Y.F - Just lo and behold! We have progress unto the next level to strike the pillars with our flames. hopefully it’s done before WW3 dawn!

MIKA ROTTEN - Before we rot in our coffins, can I hear some of your DM-favorite song from the past. Maybe the new tunes or bands that caught you lately?
Y.F - The band who dwell in psychotic visions of death and madness!

MIKA ROTTEN - And, once again thanks for your time to reply this short interview. Hopefully to meet you in the future. HAIL DEATH! 
Y.F - With pleasure and thanks for support. HAIL DEATH!!

“The combination between old skanks beat, fast-grinding riffs and hateful scream by Y.F probably will turn you view about their entire scenes and there always a favor when you know someone it’s really good to handle the 6 strings of death. The tombstone should goes to their remarkable riffs guitar done by Y.N and M.D . Not so brutal or even technically but the final result on track like "Utter Devastation" or "Dreadful Souls" proved INCINERATED not just copy what their master do in the past, but their managed do it’s again with their own morbid styles”

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P/S : All photos credits goes to (rot) : INCINERATED / Abdul Hamid