Hunt for human flesh and eternally massacre (Interview with REST)

For fans of early AUTOPSY, SENTENCED and DISMEMBER! REST probably one of the perfect choice for those who worship the eternal DEATH METAL sound. Hailing from small town called Fos-sur-Mer, France and re-conducting by Christopher and Nicolas on the old coffins death surely will give another twisted-massacre into the DEATH METAL-Underground scene. The melo-solo guitar's on "Eternal Rest" track totally got me, it's such a great instrumental open up all the filth and rotting atmosphere through the demo. I don't know how much time I click the button "play" and deranged into that demo. Follow me and Christopher nailed the creation of REST, and slowly rotten with putrid, filthy and sickost tunes of death from REST!  

MIKA ROTTEN - Hi Christopher! Thanks for your time to reply this interview. I’m totally excited to know more from your side today, and welcome to the ugly and stinky side of DISCARNAGE. By the way how old are you and Nicolas? Can you share to us anything special from your hometown?
CHRISTOPHER - Hi Mika ! Well first of all thank you for your interest in our band. It is our very first interview and I’m quite excited about it too ! We are both 21 and we both live in a small town called Fos-sur-Mer. It’s located in the south of France near Marseille. It’s super polluted due to the numerous factories that are around. The sea is greenish, the air is stinky but there’s some cool places there like “L’Etang de l’Estomac”, a lake where I like to go biking. 

MIKA ROTTEN - Getting unbounded by the flavor of Old School Death Metal totally makes you curious and sometimes will drown you into the river of death... Can you tell us how you discovered the whole Old School Death Metal culture and what were the first albums that got you into it?
CHRISTOPHER - Both of us got into Old School Death Metal around four years ago. We didn't live in the zine/cassette era, the golden age of Death Metal so internet was the way to discover this insane genre. Records like Into the Grave (Grave), Cause of Death (Obituary), Severed Survival (Autopsy) and Leprosy (Death) left a big mark on us. Then we dug the grave and discovered the Swedish and Finnish OSDM scene in depth along with the Death Doom scene. 

MIKA ROTTEN - France, always have been a nice place to find sick and disgusting DEATH METAL bands. Bands like SKELETHAL, NECROWRECTH, MUTILATED, and AFFLICTION GATES to name a few.. already put their own tombstones into the scene. Do you follow the French DEATH METAL underground scene? 
CHRISTOPHER - Yes we try to. I love Skelethal a lot ! The other bands you named are killer too ! Shout out to Disfuneral (excellent crusty old school death metal) and Brutal Rebirth, a band from our department. Keep an eye on Bestial Conquest too. I used to play bass for them. They probably will release something in the future. 

MIKA ROTTEN - Alright! Let's enter the REST coffin ! For me, it’s always a good day to haul and know the existence of new bands in town. Thanks to the internet, everything look easy today! Ha! Please share to our disgusting-purulent readers how REST got started back then.
CHRISTOPHER - Nicolas and I are best  friends since a long time. We are both musicians and we share a passion for death metal. We formed the band in the end of 2016. We made a couple of riffs, put some ideas together and that’s how it all started. 

MIKA ROTTEN - REST? I guess it’s a simple name for a band playing Old School Death Metal tunes. Who came up with this name? It reffers to the place where our soul dwells before slowly rotting in our funeral tomb? Ha! 
CHRISTOPHER - Yeah you got it right haha ! I came up with the name. I wanted something short and impactful and surprisingly, no death metal band already took the name so here we go !

MIKA ROTTEN - I got the chance to listen your debut demo today, and what makes me stick to that and without skip of any track is probably the putrid and sick atmosphere that REST builds on the demo. It totally thrills me out! Tell us more about the creation of your first demo.
CHRISTOPHER - Thanks man, it’s amazing that so many people like our demo. I mean, we did for ourselves at first, just for the fun of it. We did it with heart and with little means. We always jammed together, even before Rest. We thought why not compose some tracks and put them together? I wrote Hunt for Human Flesh first, I already had the first melody written. Then we wanted a cool intro. We came up with something doomy and quite Gorement-like. Nicolas’ solo brought the intro to another level. The third track “Massacre” is the last one I wrote. What we do when we aren’t in the same room jamming is that we send audio phone recordings or usually guitar pro tabs to each other. 

“I wanted something short and impactful and surprisingly, no death metal band already took the name so here we go !”

MIKA ROTTEN - Track like “Hunt for Human Flesh” simply proved that REST probably done a good homework making real tasty  Death Metal! Tight and sick-doomier song structure. About your influences, I spot some Autopsy  flavors on the tracks. I guess REST learnt many good things from bands  crawling from the past. 
CHRISTOPHER - Yes, we pay homage to the bands that we love in some ways. But we don't think much about it as it's natural. Our subconscient does all the work and I think most of the bands are like that too. Our influences are (to name a few) : Dismember, Funebre, Sentenced, Rippikoulu, early Grave, Autopsy of course... And among the newer bands : Disma, Undergang, Krypts, Wormridden...  Well that should tell you something about the incoming release haha

MIKA ROTTEN - I know building a melody for a song sometimes look easy but it truly is terrible-hard enough! How the process go for the REST? Was everything going smooth when you were entering the studio to record your debut demo? Anything special moment do you wanna talk about here?
CHRISTOPHER - I would say that we are fast writers. Old School Death Metal is our life and we just love making new riffs so everything runs pretty smoothly in our band. Appart from the composition aspects, we went through hell during the recording. Lots of mishaps... We did the demo with what we had in our possession. Nicolas also was the studio guy and he is still learning how to use VST's and stuff... We were novices and all the problems you would think would occur in a studio, actually happened.

MIKA ROTTEN - Soon to be (un)dead, Dave from Dark Blasphemies Records will be releasing your first full length album. I think this is a big news to the band. Everyone look excited to see the final result! Please deliver more info regarding the release?
CHRISTOPHER - David Garcia from DBR contacted us very recently saying that we should work together and sign the band for a full length CD. We couldn't believe it. It's a dream coming true ! We didn't expect such  a thing to happen. At this exact moment, we have 6 new tracks down and locked and two are missing some riffs and structures. We will re-record Hunt for Human Flesh and maybe do a cover, we don't know yet. We will start the recording process in our home-studio around  November so the CD will be out in January 2018. We have a close friend, Eric, a sound technician who will take care of the mix and mastering and will assist us during the recording. 

MIKA ROTTEN - I open up your page, and read about the creation of your second demo. Do you will release it this summer before the full length  next year ?
CHRISTOPHER - We planned to release another demo but we were contacted by David to do a full lenght so the second demo will never see the light. We will fully focus on the making of the album

MIKA ROTTEN - Just in case, if both of you didn’t drowned with Death Metal music, what kind of person would you look like today ? Ha!
CHRISTOPHER - Well... Let me think... I guess I'll probably be a milionaire DJ playing shitty deep house. I'd probably have a better sense of fashion, like wearing decent shirts and all haha...  

MIKA ROTTEN - I’m out of question right now, once again thanks for your time Christopher to reply this interview! Hopefully we will see more filthy and rotten tunes from REST in the future! DEATH METAL! 
CHRISTOPHER - Oh yes you will my friend ! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to give our very first interview, it has been a great pleasure ! Cheers ! EXTREMELY ROTTEN DEATH METAL !

Hunt for Human Fleshsimply proved that REST probably done a good homework making real tasty  Death Metal! Tight and sick-doomier song structure!