Barbarian noise in honor of Death and Darkness | Interview with Talpio / HUORIPUKKI

Old  school  Metal  of  Death

played as it should be

To celeb'rotting DEATH MENTAL ILLNESS "Demo of the Week's" choices on the upcoming week, I pick "Nekala Dungeons '17" Demo by HUORIPUKKI to accompany your purulent ears with some filthy and disgusting noise of Death Metal straightly from the darkness chamber of Death! And I recently talk with Talpio, the man beyond HUORIPUKKI creations and try festering the real true stories beyond the death coffins of the bands. Follow our journey into the darkness path of barbarian noise and beware not to falling down into the stink and rotten cold of Nekala Dungeons! 

MIKA ROTTEN - It’s really good to have you in here Talpio! Welcome to the ugly side of DISCARNAGE! The tomb for ugly and disgusting-DEATH METAL. How your life’s goes rotten this recent day?
TALPIO - Hails! Life has been good lately.

MIKA ROTTEN - I must say that I’m a lucky deadhead to know the existence of HUORIPUKKI. Could you introduce your band to our disgusting reader’s and how the band started back then to festering the dark and disgusting chamber of Metal by Death . Did all of you started with other band before or HUORIPUKKI is your first band?
TALPIO - We are HUORIPUKKI and we play DEATH METAL. Nowadays hailing from Tampere, Finland. Me and Ylijoki (lead guitar) have played together in different bands for more than a decade now. This isn’t the first band, but the first where we had a clear vision of what we will do. Leinonen joined in 2010 and our Bass player Kuoppala joined a few years ago. All of us are also play in various bands and projects other than HUORIPUKKI.

MIKA ROTTEN - HUORIPUKKI have been formed almost nine years ago and the band first demo was goes to burial ground in that year also and it just releases the weirdos-evil satanic atmosphere. How the story goes that time beyond the creation of your first demo.
TALPIO - I have a tough time to recall how it was recorded. It was a long time ago. Around ten years ago I bought Mental Funeral and after hearing it for the first time understood what Death Metal is and knew from that point on, that this is what I wanna do with my life. Founding the band and our first demo of was continuation of that. Just a bunch teen worshiping Death in a basement and recording it with the limited resources what we had. There aren’t many of those Demo CD-Rs around.

MIKA ROTTEN - I guess if you put the AUTOPSY’s or NECROPSY’s flavor and try to twisted this tunes with the old raw Blackened/Thrash tunes like BEHERIT or the mighty BATHORY into one final pot, and try to grind this ugly ingredient you can get HUORIPUKKI sound. How you describe your music direction.
TALPIO - Old school Metal of Death, played as it should be. Barbarian noise in honor of Death and Darkness.

MIKA ROTTEN - It’s seem the band are very active releasing a demo from 2008 to 2010, and I just found between those years the band managed releases 4 demo’s that maybe some us have it’s or not. The duration of time between your “Demo IV” and “Barbaria.Nyt” EP took almost 6 years to come out. What happen during this six years that the band left?
TALPIO - Life happened. We had problems with lineup. Had to go to the army and started studying in the University and so on. And after that it took some time to pick get line up complete and pick up the pace again. Now we are planning to keep releasing stuff more regularly, play gigs and maybe even record our first album. We may be slow to release new material, but we rehearse almost regularly. Playing itself is awesome and, like weightlifting or combat sports, it keeps you sane and your aggressions at bay.

MIKA ROTTEN - One thing that I liked most about “Barbaria.Nyt” EP is the sound production that the EP unleash. It’s totally raw, dark and full of stench smell that you can smelly from the cold basement. Eventually, when come to final production of your stuff, did you changes something on the production or left them just rotting like that..
TALPIO - Well it was recorded in a basement, although the air raid shelter we rehearse and record is hot as Hell. We recorded it live like we always do, but there are some overdubbed leads and doubling in vocals, but the base was recorded live. The whole thing was recorded and mixed by our bass player.

MIKA ROTTEN - I really dig the cover arts from “Barbaria.Nyt” EP, as I love this kind of putrid-old school sketch and could you tell us who did this artwork and any stories regarding the madness arts from the band first EP?
TALPIO - The cover was drawn by this maniac called Sadist Stalker from band called Sadokist (Check it out! They do not fuck around), who is responsible of the new EP's cover and our new logo as well. He asked me what we want for the cover of Barbaria.Nyt and I told him "Barbarism" and he delivered.

MIKA ROTTEN - A good music must come with a good lyrics and for me keep it’s more simple and straight forward song writing are the best formula. Would you place an equal importance on both music and lyrics that you create and mostly from the song that you already wrote and what surreal subject that mostly your lyrics speak?
TALPIO - They speak of Strength, Violence, Might and the Beast within man. The music is written first and the lyrics come after that. Lyrics should always matter and piss-poor text can kill at least some feeling of the music. But the musical content comes first, then the lyrics.

MIKA ROTTEN - And mostly HUORIPUKKI’s song has written based on Finnish language. I try learn some words from my Finnish friends back then, and the Finnish-language or pronounce have little different kind atmosphere, how you describe that? It’s easy for the band too sing on your “mother tongue” language compare to English? Is there any ideology of your nation stand for, in your band…
TALPIO - We are Finnish so it comes as natural to sing in your own native language and the Finnish language sounds much harsher than English. I’m no poet, but when using your native tongue, you have keep some sort of standards in writing instead of just mashing cool words together. If you mean if there is some sort of Nationalistic agenda, then no. We have no interest in bringing day-to-day politics to our music. I understand that we live in an Age of Ideology, but if you wanna be all political, go play in a Punk band and FUKK OFF!

MIKA ROTTEN - I still didn’t have your latest demo tape “Nekala Dungeons ‘17” Demo and listen to the demo from your band-tomb site, there a certain things that blew my head, mostly the sound production and song structure from “Nekala Dungeons ‘17” Demo has produced. It’s more “grim-dark-evil-raw” than the final results that come out from your previous demo, do you think it’s very important to evolve and try improved the sound from each of your release without reaching some limits or borders and didn’t break the band “morbid-obscure” vision?
TALPIO - The Music and the atmosphere created by the sounds have to fit together, and the more raw or lo-fi approach, fits ours the best. There is always room for improvement, trying to find that fine line between were the sound is right. Not too polished or not too raw. There is no need to intentionally sound like shit, which isn’t particularly hard to do. We have a DIY attitude in this band, so that everything that can be done by ourselves, is done by us. And in the end who else is going do it for you? The Nekala Dungeons were recorded in the same sessions that our the new EP Voima on Oikeutta was, in Whoremastervox Studios. We Set up our gear, played and recorded the five songs live until we were satisfied. It was left more unpolished than the EP intentionally. And straight after that, we recorded the EP in the same way basically, but with doubled guitars, solos and vocals. Our lead guitarist lives in Helsinki, which is two hours’ drive from Tampere, so when we get to play or record with all four of us present we must make the best out of it.

MIKA ROTTEN - I found on, the band second demo was a live recording, it’s true? And I’m not surprised by that seem the live recording are the best among recording process to unleashed the unpolished, dirty and raw sounds. Between “track by track” and “live record” process in a studio or in the rotten-cold basement, which one do you envy and prepared for the band?
TALPIO - All our recordings have been done live, with different ways of recording the instruments, varying how many microphones have been used, how many tracks of guitars and vocals are used and so on. This is dictated by the resources we have at our disposal, but I also think that the best way to capture the rawness and violent nature of our music is to play most of it live, record the songs until they sound right and if needed then add more layers to the mix.

MIKA ROTTEN - Generally, it’s very difficult to see the band names on gig flyers even way the band have very active releasing a stuff per year and also it’s such rarely for me to see your live footage have been record and upload to Youtube, do the band keep more lo-fi and stay more underground?  
TALPIO - With our kind of music, it ain’t hard to stay in the underground! We have a pretty big underground scene here in Finland so there are gigs to play and to attend to and that’s fine. But there could always be more shows to play.

MIKA ROTTEN - Regarding the terms of underground band nowadays, mostly the band have their own Facebook fan pages, I try to search your band names but failed to find it’s. In overall this kinds of medium have promoted the band to be known outside from their places. Sent letter, spread band bios or latest release flyers and doing a demo tape trading among the old spirit how the underground work back then, and generally when Internet burst and explode from the late 90’s, this old things get slow and sometime has forgotten. Which kind of way your band more prepared?
TALPIO - Our new material at least can be found from Bandcamp and SoundCloud. Been thinking of setting up a Facebook page, I have regarded it as a place for those who wish to pose and present their latest photoshoots, but in the end who gives a shit. A useful tool as any other. Besides of those I try to spread propaganda at different forums and so on. Not too keen about this marketing stuff. Don’t know firsthand about the scene in the 90’s but I trade our tapes with other bands and distribute flyers and so on. 

MIKA ROTTEN - We’re going into the final hecatomb! Any future live gig or festival that HUORIPUKKI will festering and rot-decay on the stage?
TALPIO - 9th of September we play with Axeslaughter and Legionnaire (First is a grade A Killer Death Metal band and second balls to the walls old school Heavy Metal) at O’haras in Tampere and at least one other gig is planned this year. Hopefully get to play a few more this year. 

MIKA ROTTEN - EVIL! SATANIC! FILTHY! This is three words if you asked me about HUORIPUKKI. So, it’s your turns to give me another three words why should our disgusting readers listen to HUORIPUKKI!

MIKA ROTTEN - I’ll leave you rot on here, any things that we left from this conversation? Thanks for your times Talpio! Keep it’s more ugly!
TALPIO - Thanks for the Interview! Keep on the evil deeds! Hails to the Barbarian Hordes of Death we are in contact with! Our new EP Voima On Oikeutta by Caligari Records available now from the label or straight from the band: huoripukki666 at 

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P/s : H from Caligari Records sent me a full version of "Voima on Oikeutta" EP, and click here to read my view about this disgusting and filthy-grimly Metal of Death releases. And you should go to Caligari Records head-tomb to grab the cassette-tape of the EP.

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