Stench of Rotting Death beyond the Moscow stinky air! | Interview with Nick & Tony / TORN APART

Death!  Abominations! Sickness! Gore! Hell on Earth!
This rotting stench interview will never success without the help from my rotting friends, Sergei. And, I know that Sergei already done his part to spread this rotting disease around this rotting scene. TORN APART, a band have been murky around the Moscow-Russian death metal underground scenes since 2015 and to spreading this rotting disease tunes we managed done some little interview with the band and also, thank to him that may introduced the band back in the early days to my disgusting ears. And, since the departure of "Abomination" demo almost two years ago, the band have numerous done a few live show and have releasing a brand new split tape this year with another cool-crushing bands, WOMBRIPPER. Nick (Drum) and Tony (Guitar/Vocal) spoke in rotting behalf of TORN APART carnal-creations under the smelly weathers directly from the Moscow-graveyards and here we're are, try gasping for the air!

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MIKA ROTTEN - Hi mate! Thank for the participated on this ugly webzine! Before we start festering the carnal-creation of TORN APART let’s dig something out from the cold-rotten city of Moscow. How cold weather on your place right now?
NICK - It’s raining in our city at the moment which is not good but it’s not cold.

MIKA ROTTEN - If come to Russia, I only can imagine some few things like the extreme-cold weather, Katedral St. Basil (look great with the snow on top the building tower) and “princess of tennis”, Maria Sharapova. Ha! Ha! Anything special about this big country?
NICK - The most memorable thing about Russia is probably mentality of the people. we also have beautiful forests and plains as well as bears which ride bicycles, play balalaikas and drink vodka. 

MIKA ROTTEN - I guess living in there, will cost your big amount of money. It’s easy to find any kind of job right there?
NICK - Finding job is not a problem but usually it’s not well paid. And it’s almost impossible to earn money playing death metal. This music is in deep underground and this is fine with me. This music is very personal, it’s not for everyone and you need to dig it to get it. 

MIKA ROTTEN - Let’s go to our main topic! Thanks for the existence of the Internet, without this shit-social connection maybe it’s not too easy for me to know about the existence of your bands. Tell us more about the creation of TORN APART from the early day when you start crawl from the gloomy-graveyard of Moscow and where the idea come from to pay homage to Old school Death Metal. 
NICK - Before Torn Apart I was in thrash metal act Deranged. We played mostly covers and there was no progress at all. I saw that my band mates weren’t too serious about the band (we wrote 1 song in 4 years), so I quit. But I didn’t want to quit music and decided to found a new band and play something more heavier and intricate than thrash metal. I got in touch with Tony through our mutual friend and soon after that we started to rehearse. A little bit later Tony asked Romero to join us on bass. Originally we wanted another guy to play bass in the band but I even can’r remember his name, hahaha. Me, Tony and Romero shared the same love to such band like Sentenced, Death, Gorguts, Cynic, Old Funeral, Autopsy, Morbid Angel, Abhorrence, Carbonized and started to write our songs. The first song we wrote was "incantation", if I remember correctly. 
TONY - Death Metal is an unique music where you can express yourself to no limits – it has no borders, so it fits nicely to our ideas. Before Torn Apart me and Romero played in Dreadful, an average Black/Death Metal band which suffered from constant line-up changes. After a year we split with Romero because there was no progress. I tried to find another musicians but we recorded only 2 tracks in the end and 1 of them I brought to Torn Apart – “Disgusting Remains”. Soon after that Dreadful almost split-up – only me and a bass player named Nikita left. we decided to play death metal – raw, mean and brutal. We were influenced by Dismember and Old Funeral. I spent a lot of time thinking about the name for this project and then “Torn Apart”, my favourite track from Carnage, came to my mind. At this point Nikita lost his interest in this project and went on to do his own thing, so I contacted Romero and he agreed to play bass. Later Nick approached me and offered to form a band and I asked him to join mine project which he did! And indeed, the first songs we wrote were "Incantation“ and "Nocturnal Suffocation”. That’s how we started to rehearse.

MIKA ROTTEN - Any line-up changes this day, because I found Robert already left the band after the departure your first debut demo “Abominations”. Any reason beyond that?
NICK - Robert joined us not long before the recording of the "Abominations" demo. At first it went off very good but later some differences appeared. Robert wanted to play thrash and wasn’t really into death metal. We discussed it with Tony and Romero and decided to go on as a three-piece and there haven’t been any line-up changes since then. 
TONY - Rob is a good guy but due to above mentioned differences we spent too much time on arguments and had no chance to go further. But we are really grateful for his contribution on “Abominations”.

MIKA ROTTEN - First thing when we started a new band is to be inspired. Talk about the influence that speak through your music, I generally can spotted some old tunes from CARNAGE and (demo era) DISMEMBER. That’s the main influences on the creation of the band?
TONY - Yeah, right. Both these bands influenced us and gave us ideas to write our own shit. 

MIKA ROTTEN - How does your writing-decompose process for the “Abominations” demo happen? And tell us more deep behind the making of your debut demo. 
NICK - It’s me and Tony who write all the stuff. As far as I remember, we wrote the songs for the first demo pretty quick. “Abominations” was recorded in the same studio where we worked on "Dismembered Memories". We recorded everything live in the studio and later I mixed the tracks. It was very exciting as it is our first experience in a studio.
demo era
TONY - The album was done in one breath. Basically we rehearsed two songs – "Incantation” and “Nocturnal Suffocation” but we had the song “Torn and Vomit” as well. we even played the latest song at our first gig. The lyrics for "Torn and Vomit" was written by our friend Sergei Antropophagus. But later we decided to drop it as we didn’t really like the riff in there. But maybe later we’ll upgrade it and record it. Around that time Nick came up with another riff and I wrote the lyrics, so welcome “Body Decay”. Probably it’s the most extreme song we’ve ever had. So we decided to record our first demo. As we wanted to make our sound heavier we decided to have a second guitarist and that’s how we met Rob. But he refused to play in the key we wanted and it affected the sound on the demo. But still some people think that our demo is better than the second one. 

MIKA ROTTEN - You can find a lot of fantastic work-line through the “Abominations” demo. Heavy-crunchy riff’s and the sound that coming from the demo production totally blew me up. Let’s hear from TORN APART side how to wrote a good DEATH METAL music and the important things we need to created that. 
TONY - We are happy you liked the band. If you want to record a death metal album obviously you need to love this genre. Actually it’s hard to answer your question – we are just beginners. Well, I guess you have to listen to all those classic death metal records and underground bands from the 80’s and the 90’s – the bands from that era were really diverse and interesting. I also think that you have to be angry or depressive to play this music. 

MIKA ROTTEN - I think REFORESTATION Records are successful handling your first record, what you think about this label contribution to help the band too spread this rotting-stench madness outside from your place.
TONY - Reforestation Records have released only one demo so far. They helped us greatly but unfortunately they  like that rough sound and they didn’t like our second demo so we had to put out ourselves

MIKA ROTTEN - TORN APART back with another great demo last year, “Dismembered Memories”. To be more priceless, it’s only out in very limited run of tape cassette during the Face of Death festival, and I guess it’s probably out of copy right now. Can we see the demo re-press again maybe with other format like CD or 7’ / LP ?
TONY - Yes, it’s sold out. We were shocked that people loved our new demo. Of course we would like to release it on CD and LP but right now we are busy with our debut EP. But I’m sure we’ll put out that demo someday. 

MIKA ROTTEN - Who did the cover art for your release? It’s totally putrid and where the idea come from to bring it’s alive?
TONY - Well, I did the cover for the first demo. I got the idea of it after movies of Lucio Fulci. I also had in mind Dismember’s demo ”Reborn in Blasphemy”. As for the second demo, Nick is responsible for its art.

MIKA ROTTEN - TORN APART has put and releasing a material in a very short period of time. Also we can see, the band have joined with other fantastic compilation release. How often do you write and rehearsal? Do you already have new song that we might see and listen in the future?
NICK - Normally we rehearse once a week, but during the last 6 months we hadn’t rehearsed at all because right now I do military service. Speaking about new songs it depends – sometime I’m full of ideas and sometime I can’t write a note, hahaha. We have a bunch of new tracks and one of them will be released on split with our friends Wombripper which is going to be released soon. As we said, we are working on our debut EP. I must admit that we achieved a new level in songwriting and lyrics. So stay tuned! 

MIKA ROTTEN - Today, the Russian DEATH METAL-Underground scene was arise in difficult cold-environment when some inventor from the past like Mortem and Graveside were already buried into the grave. But today we have a bunch of young and talented bands who perform death metal in its classic form. Can you recommended to our DISCARNAGE’s reader any band that we should seeking after this?
TORN APART - Grond, Pyre, Wombripper, Cist, Hated.  

MIKA ROTTEN - Any upcoming fest or gig that TORN APART will take participated?
NICK - Probably we’ll play a couple of gigs this autumn or winter, but I need to complete my military service first. 

MIKA ROTTEN - Please describe three words about TORN APART.
TORN APART - Just torn abort

MIKA ROTTEN -  Is there anything else you’d like to say about TORN APART, and thank you very much to doing this interview. Can’t wait for your new release! Keep in touch my friend! 
NICK - We want to say “Hi” to our fans and fans of death metal out there – watch out for our new releases! We wish the best of luck to all the bands who, like we, do their first steps. if you really wish something you can achieve it. We thank you for this interview – it was our pleasure. Hope to come and play in your country someday. See you! 

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All photo's originally belongs to TORN APART band pages