The Collector of Zombie's! | Interview with Thomas Prasser / PUTRID TORSO

Horror from beyond
Death Mental Illness continues to rotting support a new bands around the Death Metal underground scene that are ready to make a mark and festering our braindead. PUTRID TORSO, are no exception. Their horrifying and terrifying old school death metal sounds directly emanated from the gore-bowels of Schweinfurt, Bavaria really got me. Time to learn more about this sick and horror death metal bands and Thomas Prasser already waiting for me in the graveyard to dig and to collected the boneless corpse. So read onward ghouls!

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MIKA ROTTEN - Hi Thomas! It’s good to have you on this rotting webzine! How life’s goes rotting nowadays?
THOMAS PRASSER - Hello Mika. What´s up. Thanks for your interest to interview Putrid Torso. It is the first interview I give for the band. So do not be surprised if the answers will be a little bumpy, haha

MIKA ROTTEN - Firstly, a big rotting congrats to PUTRID TORSO first full length album! How things are going now with your “Grave Desecrating Ritual” album? What response did you have from the fans and the zine editor so far?
THOMAS PRASSER - Great that you like our little rotten piece of Death Metal. There are not so much responses until now. But all who had listen to the album liked it. The album is just released recently. Therefore not many people had the opportunity to listen to the full album until know.

MIKA ROTTEN - What you done with PUTRID TORSO totally different from your previous band that you involved before, in terms of sound and music basically. How the idea started to reawakening the ghouls again? I mean PUTRID TORSO.
THOMAS PRASSER - Yeah it is quiet different to my other bands and projects. You have to know that I grew up with all these "Old School" Death Metal bands in the late 80´s/early 90´s. I never lost the pleasure and passion to listen to this old bands during the years. And so it was just a question of time until I will do my own band, haha But it took until 2012 until I started to work on the first songs for Putrid Torso.  The main reason was to realising a personal (Death Metal) dream. 

MIKA ROTTEN - You involve with many extreme underground bands in your musical career, but PUTRID TORSO was just the best heavy shit and disgusting ever in my opinion. Honestly, what your favourites metal music and what kind of metal music did you dig first in your early age?
THOMAS PRASSER - I was eleven or twelve years old when my brother and a older friend brought me to the metal music in the mid of the eighties. It all started very classic with Iron Maiden, I think, haha Then one or two year later I changed the school and there I get into contact with bands like Sodom, Slayer, Sepultura, Napalm Death, Morbid Angel... Nowadays, I listen to metal in general. But mostly I pick up  Black and Death Metal.

MIKA ROTTEN - Let’s speak about PUTRID TORSO debut album. “Grave Desecrating Ritual” totally one of many rotting old death stuff that coming out in 2017 in terms of sick, horror and heavy of old school death way. Tells us more about your first full length album with PUTRID TORSO, how the process going? 
THOMAS PRASSER - The writing process of the album was pretty easy and natural. I recorded the songs from November 2012 to February 2013. But then the problems start. I could not find a suitable vocalist for the songs. And after a frustrating and unsuccessful search over month I put Putrid Torso on hold. At the end of 2014 I reanimated Putrid Torso. With the help of Rogga and Lille I finished the recordings a few month later. Actually, "Grave Desecrating Ritual" was already ready for publication in 2015. Unfortunately there were problems with the record label, which was supposed to release the album originally. The owner was vanished. He no longer responded to e-mails or any other messages. Therefore, a new record label had to be found. And that took a lot of time. Finally I contacted Mauricio of Tribulacion Production from Colombia. As you see, he was interested to release the CD (in cooperation with Epidemia Records from France).

MIKA ROTTEN - I’m really excited when I saw on the CD booklet, that’s Rogga Johansson from Paganizer have done the vocal for the album. To work with someone that have done many classic death stuff release sure will be funs and without any doubt Rogga also have a powerful growled voice and charisma. So far, how work with him?
THOMAS PRASSER - Yeah, Rogga's voice is amazing and fit perfectly to the songs of Putrid Torso. To work with him is/was so easy and uncomplicated. He is a real Death Metal maniac and he loves what he is doing. There was no unnecessary discussions. He also wrote the lyrics for the whole album. I just told him that I want some "horror lyrics" which should fit to the songs. And amazing how fast and precise Rogga works.

MIKA ROTTEN - All tracks that contains from “Grave Desecrating Ritual” album just show how heavy and filthy the old sound of death metal PUTRID TORSO already festering for. Certainly, when you wrote the song for the album did you take any inspiration from the old kind stuff or just write and decompose it’s on and see what the result?
THOMAS PRASSER - No, no old song ideas were used. I started from point zero with fresh ideas. But I am sure that I was inspired by some other bands, haha When I started the recordings I set down with my guitar and just started with a riff  which come in my mind. The most important thing was (and is) that all riffs came in natural flow. Also important was,  creating songs you can remember on.

MIKA ROTTEN - “The Boneless Crawlers” and “Collector of zombies” probably my standout tracks from the album. Like digging some old horror and zombie movies, what the real stories from the song want to tell us? I mean in the lyrical approach.
THOMAS PRASSER - As I told a little earlier Rogga wrote all the lyrics. Therefore he could say a little bit more about the lyrics. But yes, he is/was inspired by old horror movies. And in my opinion his stories/lyrics fits perfectly to the music and the cover artwork. There are just spooky horror stories. There is no deeper meaning behind them, haha

MIKA ROTTEN - The first intro from the album just increased my mood to listen up the whole albums. Tell me more about the intro that may sounded someone digging the graveyard beyond the gloomy-rains. 
THOMAS PRASSER - The Intro was inspired by the cover artwork. On the album should fit all as well as possible. When you look to the cover, starting the the CD and listening to the intro you know what comes.

MIKA ROTTEN - Your guitar work and tones from the album also sounded excellent and fat ugly enough. What gear do you use to get the killer guitar tone and how you build and mixed all the riff’s for the album? It’s easy ya for yourself to handle all process alone?
THOMAS PRASSER - I don´t handled the whole  process by myself. I got massive help by a friend who mixed and mastered the album and I want to say a big „thank you“ to Alexander D. for his great work. For the recordings I used two (standart) Jackson guitars. No special humbucker or stuff like that. In lack of time and the opportunity I recorded the guitars and bass at my home with my computer and a viritual guitar amp software. That´s all. The rest did Alexander in the mix and master, haha

MIKA ROTTEN - “Grave Desecrating Ritual” out in very pro-press-printed CD / booklet. And look how the label handling this release really awesome and very proper ways. How Tribulacion Prod and Epidemia Records approach you to releasing your first full length album? And any offer for vinyl version so far?
THOMAS PRASSER - When I was on the search for a record label I contacted also Mauricio from Tribulacion Productions (and many other labels). I already knew him since he released a album from my other band Goatthroat. Therefore, I knew that he is very reliable and that he is doing a good job. Just putting the lyrics on a black background is boring and so I thought it would be great to have some more artwork/illustrations inside the booklet. Tribualcion Prod. liked this idea, too. And so they offered me a twelve sided booklet for this release. The frontcover was already done by Marc from ArtWars Mediadesign. Then a I talked to Jan from JDW Death my only friend Artworks and told him my ideas of some illustrations. And so we made this little book of the dead. To have „Grave Desecrating Ritaul“ on vinyl would be fucking awesome. But no, there are no offers or plans for a vinyl release so far.

"Grave Desecrating Ritual"
are out now
 via Tribulacion Productions / Epidemia Records
MIKA ROTTEN - Speaking behalf of PUTRID TORSO first full length album, do you already have material for a new one release in the future?
THOMAS PRASSER - Yeah, there is some new material. I recorded several new songs. But there are no concrete plans how, where and  when  they will be released. Keep your eyes open....

MIKA ROTTEN - Did you think death metal was slowly losing its touch in this modern fvcking era, or death metal still going strong year by year? And the reanimated of PUTRID TORSO right now, are you wanted to show people that PUTRID TORSO was one the lost continent that we need to seek for after this?
THOMAS PRASSER - I think the Death Metal underground will always survive. And we will see how many bands will still be there in a few years. Death Metal is like a zombie. He will never get dead, haha Putrid torso is primarily for me. Therefore, I do not want to prove anything to anyone. And there are far better bands than Putrid Torso.

MIKA ROTTEN - For someone that may introduced to PUTRID TORSO in first time in their life’s, what kind expectation they can get from listening to the bands?
THOMAS PRASSER - You can expect creepy Death Metal with scary melodies and a wafts of mist filled atmosphere, haha

MIKA ROTTEN - And to wrath all the things up, thanks once again Thomas because spending your times with us. Last words belongs to yours!
THOMAS PRASSER - No problem, Mika, It was great to talk to you and it was fun to answer your questions. I want to to thank you for your support and the opportunity to introduce Putrid Torso on your rotten tomb. Cheers...

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