Sick and disgusting deep into the grave... stink and creepy! (Interview with ROTTED)

Thick-raw-crunchy-heavy disgusting of sound producing make the "Pestilent" promo climb on my top playlist this recent days. This two-tracks promo really blew me up and can make my hearing face up a disgusting-purelent problem, (just imagine how ugly and stink that situations, HA!). Hailing deepest-down from Illinois graveyards, United States. And for the homage of horror and gore maniac, ROTTED will be a good disgusting-choice for you to pick what band you should worship this coming years. Follow me and Dylan Jones, (the creator behind the band) rotting-decompose on "Pestilent Tomb"! Death Metal, with disgusting, stink, and rotting flavors! BLUEERRGHHHH!!!

MIKA ROTTEN - Hi! And welcome to the stinky and small room of DISCARNAGE, Dylan! How’s everything going today? I guess you received a lot of response about the new DEATH METAL diseases that you working for this coming lately. By the way, thanks for agreeing to reply this filthy interview. I’m really appreciate your time and passion.
DYLAN JONES - Thanks for the interest in ROTTED! Everything is going good! Yeah ROTTED kind of blew up once the word got around! It was very unexpected, honestly. I recorded the first few tracks and only posted them on Youtube and Facebook and somehow word got around about it. I started getting a lot of interest very rapidly and before I knew it, I had an offer to do a full-length album!

MIKA ROTTEN - I also know that you are the man beyond the creation of UNLIFE. Without any doubt, UNLIFE probably delivered a straight forward Old School Death Metal tastes. I got a chances to listen to your EP, “Old Remains” before and what make me stunned on my chair definitely raw death to the doom structure that UNLIFE build on that release. Sick just fvcking sick-heavy! Should you write a little bit information and the history about this band, and what the current situation of UNLIFE rite now. 
DYLAN JONES - Unlife was my first time ever really delving into Death Metal, and I've been hooked ever since. The whole concept was based around some D&D character called "Lord Soth" and his Death Knights. The name "Unlife" actually comes from a booked called "Lord Soth" and near the end of the book, there's a line that reads something along the lines of "And now, as he sat on his throne pondering his former life and current unlife." Right now, Unlife is on hold while I try to decide whether or not to keep going with it or not. My two current projects (Rotted and Drenched) have me pretty busy, and I can't really commit to a third one with just as much motivation. 

MIKA ROTTEN - Ok! Let the previous question hang like that. Let’s move to another band that you working on rite now. ROTTED! I guess you much a pretty tired to listen to some tunes of DEATH METAL stuff today. So I might thought the idea to create the band and the main focus are to delivered more (much more!!) heavy and disgusting tunes of DEATH METAL to metalhead around the DEATH METAL maps. How that started from the beginning? 
DYLAN JONES - Originally, ROTTED was going to be nothing more than a side project of mine but I got an offer to do a full-length album by Dark Blasphemies Records, and ever since then it's gotten bigger than I ever thought it would! I just wanted to play something more sick and disgusting than I ever had done before and it seems to have turned out well!

MIKA ROTTEN - Would you like to describe the style of new band that you played rite now compare to older stuff that you involved before? Did you have any goal that ROTTED probably should sounded to be? 
DYLAN JONES - I never really had anything pre-planned for Rotted. It was just me wanting to create some sick, disgusting sounding Death Metal. I was never even planning to do an album, maybe just some demos for friends and what-not, but after it got the attention it did, I felt I should take it more serious. 

MIKA ROTTEN - I’m still waiting your promo demo tape to knock my mail-boxes and can’t wait to hold this sick stuff releases and later decompose with your putrid tunes! Let’s speak about ROTTED “Pestilent” promo demo in more deepest, filthy and ugly in terms of song de-compositon and the raw (dry-thick) sound that you build and make it’s by yourself 
DYLAN JONES - I hope it arrives soon! Every day I come home from work, and I'll sit and play guitar for a few hours jamming riffs. I usually use my phone to record riffs to remember later, and eventually I'll just start piecing a song together. When recording the demo, I used an old 4 track tape recorder, which I then had to dub the tape so I could use a fifth track to do the vocals with. I love working with the old analog equipment. It really gives that nice digusting sound when doing demo tapes!

MIKA ROTTEN - There are a tracks called “Pestilent Tomb” on your promo demo, the tracks totally slicing (festering) and make my ear purulent with your sickost tunes and your deep ugly-howling growled. Can you brief us how the song approach each other and to make it’s look disgusting differently? 
DYLAN JONES - I just try to keep the same disgusting sound with each song while making sure they are quite different in terms of song structure and the riffs themselves.

MIKA ROTTEN - I’m really loved and (fallen in love! Ha! Ha!) with the riff’s that you created on the promo demo. It’s contained very much tastes of putrid DEATH METAL flavors, you can find many sick-interesting rotting riff’s on each of your song. And also, your guitar tones really got me! It’s really thick-raw-rotten tones !! If you don’t mind, maybe you wanna share you gear / amp that you used during the recording process of your promo demo.  
DYLAN JONES - Haha, thanks! The gear I used on the demo, as well as the gear I'm using for the album are:
Guitar: Epiphone Flying V "goth" edition, tuned to A. String gauges are: 12-16-32w-42-56-65
Bass: Some Cort 4-String model I've had for around 10 years
Amp: Ampeg VH140C, the best amp for Death Metal period!

Ridden with disease!!
MIKA ROTTEN - Nowdays, there are some band started hailing and praise all the rotting and putrid DEATH METAL bands from the past. Do you think ROTTED are one of them? In the middle of this fvcking interview, any of them give a inspiration towards the ROTTED existences.
DYLAN JONES - There's plenty of old bands, as well as new bands even, that helped give birth to ROTTED! Rottrevore, early Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, early Death, Gorguts, Infester, Purtenance, Demilich, Suffocation, Cianide, Disembowelment, Grave, Gutted, Obituary, Undergang, Derketa/Mythic, Spectral Voice, Teitanblood, Phrenelith, etc.

MIKA ROTTEN - I’ve followed your band tomb-pages (FB) since the early days when ROTTED appear on the suggestion pages mode.  And I read a news that David Garcia from Dark Blasphemies Records will unleash your debut full-length album in 2017. So, we already in half of 2017, what news regarding that release? 
DYLAN JONES - The album is done musically, and is currently being mixed by a man who stepped up for the challenge of mixing this wall of noise that is ROTTED; Xavier! He's done incredible work to it that I could never have done myself. He's turning this album into an absolute killer of a record. Totally crushing and disgusting! Right now we're planning for a release date in early Autumn!

MIKA ROTTEN - Played all the instrument in a band by yourself something look difficult. But, I guess you probably enjoy doing all itself. You already proved it’s with UNLIFE (DM) and DRENCHED (DM) before. And now you do it’s again with ROTTED. Which part are the most challenging? Find and build ideal guitar riff’s are the most challenging part? 
DYLAN JONES - You know, I thought I would actually like playing in bands with other people, getting the opportunites to play live and everything, but since 2014, Ive been in a few local bands, and it was literally NOTHING but drama queens. "Someone said something" or "someone did something that hurt my feelings" blah blah blah. I wish I was exaggerating, but not even in the slightest. At this point, I prefer working alone. It's challenging sometimes to come up with song ideas that haven't already been done before, but that's why it's important to take inspiration from lots of bands, mixing different styles of influences can lead to some sick riffs!

MIKA ROTTEN -  Is there some sick words about “Pestilent” promo demo you received from the deadhead you should tell us? If you asked me, I would say ROTTED are “..amazing rotten pieces of Death Metal puzzles and its finally completed the tomb circles of DEATH METAL-Underground. More heavy than others!!” UGH!
DYLAN JONES - Most of the responses I've gotten have been very positive! Usually someone messages me and tells me how sick and putrid it sounds! I try to interact a lot with the fans and try to always follow up with them about the demo. For a while I was sending letters with each tape I sent out, but I got a little to busy at work and didn't have a lot of time to keep up with that in between sending the tapes out to everyone. 

MIKA ROTTEN - Did you make final addition and mixing after all the tracks from your promo demo been done recorded? I wonder if you didn’t satisfied on the result from the recording process. 
DYLAN JONES - Not on the promo tape. I thought it sounded exactly as it should. Demo tapes aren't supposed to be well produced. It's a demonstration of the style of music you play. It doesn't need flashy over the top production. I've gotten quite a positive reponse for how disgusting and filthy it sounds. 

MIKA ROTTEN - I guess you received a lot of order of ROTTED “Pestilent” promo demo tape, and it’s probably might out of copy rite now. Did you work on re-issue of your promo demo after this? Your two-song probably fits and look stenching on 7” wax I guess 
DYLAN JONES - Since it's been released, I've had an average of one sale a day, and there's been a few days where I sold 5 or 6 in one day. I also did a few trades, one locally, and another with a label from the West Coast called "Headsplit Records." He sold out as soon as they were posted, which was a great thing to hear! But yes, I have only about 3 tapes left at the time of this interview! If someone were to offer a 7" pressing of the Promo I'd love to do it!

MIKA ROTTEN - We entering the final tomb of interview, and of corpse without any doubt. ROTTED are the band that our readers should check after this. SICK! AND DISGUSTING DEATH METAL directly from the rotten tomb! Less before we hang and rotten, once again thanks for your time and I can’t wait to rotten with the ROTTED full-length albums soon! STAY SICK AND UGLY always! ROT FOREVER!! 
DYLAN JONES - Thanks for the interview! Soon I'll be posting the final cover art and the first fully mixed track from the album! Keep your eyes out for "PESTILENT TOMB" coming Autumn 2017! STAY ROTTED!

      “..amazing rotten pieces of lost-Death Metal puzzles and its finally completed the tomb circles of DEATH METAL-Underground. More heavy than others!!” UGH!

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P/S : All photos credit goes to (rot) - DYLAN JONES / ROTTED