Something festering and smell stink around the Bristol's cemetery (Interview with CRYPTWORM)

It's good to discover(-otting) a new band that festering the real tunes of Dodsmetall, in terms more ugly, putrid and disgusting tunes. And here, the band that I was successful discover around the ugly DM underground maps and immediately blew my ears with their sickest demo and disgusting song-decomposition! CRYPTWORM was created by T.H and J.K. This duo stinky-corpses already on this disgusting-darkest path of Death with other bands before, some of them are COFFINBORN / PALE MIST / GRAVECRUSHER and without any doubt or fvcking tricky, I guess you already know how heavy they dismembered and festering all the sick tunes before. I got a chances to talk with Tibor Hanyi few days ago, the corpses beyond the CRYPTWORM creations and we talk how the band started (rotten) and mangle around the Bristol's graveyard. Less before we slowly rotten, let's festering the new death mental illness in town! UGH!      

Mika Rotten - Infernal Hails to Death! Hi mates! and welcome to the putrefaction and stinky side of DISCARNAGE. Before we goes to the main section of this interview, can you share something what happen nearby you now, and how your daily life look like.
Tibor Hanyi - Hi Mika! Thanks for the opportunity!  The band is currently writing an upcoming 7” EP which will feature 2 new songs of putrid decomposition so we're doing a lot of rehearsals these days. Our daily life is quite regular. Wake up, work, death metal, sleep, haha. There will be a FUNEBRARUM, PHRENELITH show in London at the end of this month so that’s definitely a must go event but otherwise we just keep slowly rotting away at our homes.

Mika Rotten - I know you and J.K came from other bands before, so let’s crushing some news from the others band that both of yours played.  Maybe a little hint about the new stuff from GRAVECRUSHER / COFFINBORN / PALE MIST you want to share here. By the way, are you still work with COFFINBORN? It’s almost three years after the departure of COFFINBORN debut releases, “Beneath the Cemetery” EP through Xtreme Music prods.
Tibor Hanyi - Well, long story short, I moved to UK back in 2014, and because of that later that year I decided to quit GRAVECRUSHER and MÖRBID CARNAGE because they usually do several shows a year and at first I thought that I could make it, but later that year I realised that it’s not going to work because I just can’t manage to get back home just to do gigs and rehearsals. I also put NECROSODOMY into the grave because we didn’t have an actual drummer after Vaert quit, just a session live drummer so we couldn’t move forward with the band. I’m still in COFFINBORN and TYRANT GOATGALDRAKONA with my friend Lambert. We don’t do any shows, however we did have a show with TYRANT GOATGALDRAKONA in Bucharest, 2015, but that was our second appearance. All of the songs for the debut COFFINBORN full length are written we just struggle to manage the whole studio session, but we plan to record it. We also get quite a lot gig offers so we might do something with them. According to PALE MIST, it isn’t really active right now. Last year they had several gigs with bands like SATANIC WARMASTER and also their second full length “Spreading My Wings into the Abyss That Calls” came out on CD format but it will be also released on cassette later this year.

Mika Rotten - I actually didn’t know that you and J.K came out with CRYPTWORM, it’s really nice to know the existence of this sick-mangle DM bands before it’s too late. How the idea came from to built and reform another putrid “disgusting” old Dodsmetall ? And it’s remains as duo rite now till the day of dead come?
Tibor Hanyi - The whole idea was born about 3 years ago when I was planning to move to Bristol, UK and my friend from GRAVECRUSHER suggested Joe as a possible drummer because he lives there. I contacted him shortly after and we found out that we share the same views. So technically I had a band before a flat or a job. Haha. I had several ideas for the name but CRYPTWORM was the first and he also liked it so we kept it. I did a raw demo track with drum machine just to show what I want to do and we both agreed that we’ll play death metal, however that track sounded more like a TYRANT GOATGALDRAKONA song so later we rewrote it than even later it ended up in the bin. The first couple of songs were like a grotesque mixture of INCANTATION and MORBID ANGEL but somehow we didn’t feel that this is what we want to play so we kept experimenting with the sounds, tunings etc. “Gruesome Death” is from this era, and the only song that survived but of corpse we rewrote the whole track for the demo. Then we tried to write songs in the vein of ASPHYX but that was so far away from us that we couldn’t even write more than 2 tracks. “Cannibalized” is one of the songs but I think you wouldn’t tell that it was inspired by ASHPYX, haha. We finally found our sound when we wrote “Gutswamp” in 2016. This song was inspired by cult demos like “Anatomia Corporis Humani” by GRAVE or “Vulgar Necrolatry” by ABHORRENCE, and newer band like DISMA, UNDERGANG, PHRENELITH and SPECTRAL VOICE are also a huge influence. Now the song writing process is much easier because we know what we want to do. As for the lineup, it will remain a two-piece abomination for the recordings but we have a good friend of us who will handle the bass during the live desecration's.

Mika Rotten - Alright! Your self-titled demo already unleashed through Goatprayer Records, and what make it’s really loveable probably it’s out in cassette version. I’m really loved all the feeling towards the analog records. Maybe you want to speak more about  CRYPTWORM first approaching into the DM underground scene?
Tibor Hanyi - To be honest we're big fans of all formats but we wanted to go with a cassette version because we wanted to self-release it originally limited just to 50 copies, but then Terry from Goatprayer Records was kind enough to offer to release it because he likes what we do and he did a run of a hundred copies. I think about the half of them are already sold so thanks for all of your hideous support! So I think our first approach to the underground scene went well, because we got a really good response from our demo and we already got some possible gig offers for around the autumn time and a label already interested in our further releases!

Mika Rotten - The debut demo also spoken with the heavy-crunchy tones sound, and not to forget your sick vocal growled from the demo. It’s like Freddie Kruger will haunt and giving a hysteria once again, not till Friday the 13th come but it’s already started from now. I’m totally out of mind when I click the play button through you bands coffin. It’s just pure Sick! Sick! Sick! This is your lost rotten soul did you missed before?
Tibor Hanyi - Thanks for your pestilential words! It’s always great to hear if someone digs our abhorrent decomposition's! Well, compare us to all of my other bands, CRYPTWORM is definitely rawer, uglier and more rotten so you might be right about the “my lost rotten soul” thing. I was always a fan of these putrid recordings. The studio producers I worked with usually said to me that I have this so called “demo sickness”. I always wanted my recordings sound as disgusting as possible and I gave them headaches with my gruesome ideas. But luckily Terry suggested Dan Lowndes and nailed the mix for the first attempt. He is the first producer who really understands what I want to achieve with the sound and I can say examples like CREMATORY “The Exordium” and he will know it. He is our Mark Riddick just with the sounds. It’s great to work with such death metal fanatics!

Mika Rotten - Simply and straight forward song writing are the best option to wrote a good DM song, but sometime it’s will turn into other and difference directions. Seem CRYPTWORM handling into death / horror / rotting subject, can we speak more deep about that? Also the song de-composition and arrangement that make CRYPTWORM different from other DM band and stand strongest in their own path.
Tibor Hanyi - Well, the lyrics are pretty straight forward. All of them are about death. “Gruesome Death” is about a horrendous medieval execution called the saw torture. They would tie up the victim upside down so he can stay conscious and alive longer (because all the blood stays in their heads) while the executors saws them into two. About “Cannibalized” I don’t think that I have to say anything. Isolated island, cannibal tribe, unlucky shipwrecked fella and a delightful dinner from his flesh and innards. “Gutswamp” is about another guy who got stuck in the swamp of entrails and can’t get out from there so he’ll become one of the thousand corpses there. I’ve always written these sort of full of gore horror lyrics and it won’t change anytime soon. I’m hugely influenced by insane minds like Chris Reifert or Kam Lee when it comes to lyrics. I also like horror movies of corpse but somehow I never written a lyric under an influence of a film yet. Maybe on the upcoming releases. As I mentioned before the songwriting was quite experimental with this band. I think our sound changed a lot since 2014 but the process remained the same. Usually I came up with several riffs and song structures but we would put them together at the rehearsal including the ideas Joe would have. I think we don’t bring any new dismembered limbs to the table but I’m glad that you think that we are different!

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Mika Rotten - If I have something to complaint about CRYPTWORM debut demo, it’s definitely goes into the song that demo featured. It’s really short and sometimes I thought 12:55 minutes not enough to feed the lost cannibal and eaten by the worms! I know you will worked on that for your upcoming stuff.
Tibor Hanyi - I know, I know... All of my friends say that I only make short recordings and I’m a lazy cunt, haha. But I think it’s still better to feel that it’s short and play it again because you like it than to say “oh, for fuck sake… another 15 minutes to go” because the record sucks. About the new stuff, yeah, you’re right, we are currently working on our upcoming 7” EP which will include 2 new decomposition's so you’ll get another even shorter release from us, haha. But I just can’t help myself because I love shorter materials like demo cassettes and 7” EPs. I found so many great releases recently and they are also shorter demo cassette releases like “Sentient Pile of Amorphous Rot” by FETID, “Dramatic Decay” by DISEMBOWEL and the “Pestilent Promo” by ROTTED, but there are some great 7” EPs as well like “Abhorrence Veil” by HYPERDONTIA or “Sword of Pestilence” by DEIQUISITOR. Those are a must have in my collection!

Mika Rotten - Maybe this question contained a old school topic that maybe some of us try avoid and hide from the true and reality. Back in the golden era of underground, many bands try to push their stuff out into surfaces. Some of them drowned and sink into nowhere and without any doubt, the comparing issue how the underground works from the old-days and nowdays still spoke and going on. Also, when the Internet burst into the world, less of underground spirit goes by. The feeling of receiving a letters, flyers and physical of demo/promo tape and the famous one “Send back my back stamp” . already die slowly in the crypts.  Seem, you already survival from that era, maybe you want to speak or share about your opinion about this issue.   
Tibor Hanyi - I know what you mean but to be honest I can’t say anything about this issue because I got into the underground scene when the Internet was already an important part of it. I heard stories from older guys who started playing music in the early nineties and they say that it was much better. One of my friend has a letter from Nergal other one has a letter from Euronymous and a dozens of cult demo tapes that others would kill for. I completely agree with you about that it’s better to have a handwritten letter from someone than an email. I got some surprise packages from Mark Riddick when he didn’t say a word and just sent me a MACABRA demo cassette and 7” and the next time he sent me the original TYRANT GOATGALDRAKONA “Horns in the Dark” artwork and that is a fucking awesome feeling to receive these sort of packages! On the other hand, I don’t mind the possibilities of the Internet because that’s what I got used to. It’s easier to find a way to meet maniacs like you, discover new bands and get records that you can’t find in the local store.

Mika Rotten - Let’s go back into the main section, so far how the DM underground scenes speak and response about the CRYPTWORM debut demo? Can we look it’s out in vinyl version also?
Tibor Hanyi - The responses are surprisingly great! We really didn’t expect this. I know that for me this is the rawest and ugliest recording that I’ve done so far and I thought people won’t like it as much as my other bands but it turned out that they even like it more. I also really dig the sound that we achieved with the help of Dan Lowndes from CRUCIAMENTUM who mixed and mastered the demo. Most of them like the drums and the guitar sound and of corpse the artwork. When Mark finished it back in December we had no recording yet but some guys already commented on his page that they need this demo and also Mark wrote to me that our artwork got the most likes on his Instagram page. He was also really surprised. Some guys even said that they would get a tattoo of the artwork, so it’s pretty awesome! There are no plans for CD or vinyl versions yet, but it would be great so labels, if you’re interested just contact us!

Mika Rotten - To created a solid combination between a member lineup maybe faced a little bit adventure on the first day of the band creation. I don’t know if CRYPTWORM may faced this syndrome. Did you and J.K faced this ugly syndrome also? Can you subscribe how J.K passion through the bands?
Tibor Hanyi - When we talked about to form a band we figured out that our ideas and views are the same so we didn’t have any issues. If one of us couldn’t go to a rehearsal for several weeks, then we didn’t argue about it. The songwriting process was always going fast just during these years we kept experimenting the with the sound, that’s why it took so long to record the first demo. Joe has a huge passion for music, if you saw his collection you would know what I mean. Also he had a record label called Sinister Stench Productions which existed for 10 years, a fanzine with the same name and a fest called Gathering of the Morbid where even GRAVECRUSHER played. He also involved in several other acts like DEHEUBARTH, HAUNTED SANITY and NYCTOTHROPIA besides PALE MIST, but both of us mainly focus on CRYPTWORM currently. 

Mika Rotten - And soon I thought, CRYPTWORM will crushing the stages and festering all the maggots. Any dated to be announce about the CRYPTWORM upcoming gigs?
Tibor Hanyi - Joe knows some really great promoters here in the UK and one of them already said that he’ll give us a shout when he organizes something because he likes the demo. He already mentioned 3 possible gigs with really great bands but I can’t say anything until it's all confirmed. We won't be able to do some live desecrations until after the summer because we just simply don’t have enough songs yet and also we want to finish our upcoming EP first. Luckily we don’t have to look for a bassist because as I mentioned before one of our good friends already said that he’ll handle the live shows. We also might do a mini tour in Europe next year, but that’s just also a plan right now.

Mika Rotten - I know your debut demo freshly out from the rotting tombs, but it’s also not a problem if I asked you about the studio schedules for the upcoming CRYPTWORM  new “disease”. Are you and J.K on the song-writing progress / process for the new stuff?
Tibor Hanyi - We already written two new songs for our upcoming release which will be a 7” EP. It’ll be entitled “Verminosis” but I might change my mind about the title like always. We haven’t booked the studio yet, but we plan to record it during July. There is a cool studio at our rehearsal place so we’ll record the drums and the vocals there and I’ll record the bass and the guitar tracks at home by myself than give it to Dan to mix and master it so the process will be exactly the same as the demo. Mark Riddick also started working on the artwork for this EP, so you might see it in a couple of days, because he is super-fast! There is one label what we really like who’s interested to release our upcoming material but I can’t say anything again until he's heard the EP and said “ok, let’s do it”. Once we recorded the EP we start writing new songs again but we don’t plan to do a full length yet. It will be an MLP probably but time will tell.

Mika Rotten - So, I’ll stopped on the 13Th question, just like your demo blew my ear. Without a long introduction, CRYPTWORM successful delivering a disgusting and primitive style of Death Metal with their own flavor. Sickness, heavy, crunchy, putrid, and full with stenching atmosphere can’t be hide through the realm of journey into your demo. Less before we rotting in our coffin tombs, thanks for the times to replying this ugly interview.. Stay sick and please come back with a new disgusting tunes soon! Cheers!
Tibor Hanyi - Thanks Mika for the questions. You’re a true underground maniac! Your description of our music is pretty accurate however I feel sorry for your ears! Fill it up with maggots, that always works! haha! Hopefully you don’t have to wait too long for our next abomination! Until then, stay dead!

DISGUSTING! and SICK! Directly from the dirty graves! Total recommende(a)d for all raw ugly-Dodsmetall and demo tape worshipper! 

+ + + 

P/s : You can read my full disgusting review about their debut demo on here . And act fast to grab your copies of CRYPTWORM debut demo tape via Goatprayer Records or CRYPTWORM coffins! UGH!