John's on the Couch, get drunk from the Pit (..take a Shit) and dancing the "Sleaze Metal Slaughter" anthem! | Interview with Disgustor666 / NEKRO DRUNKZ

Sleaze  Metal  Slaughter
I catch Dylan aka Disgustor666 from NEKRO DRUNKZ, and forced him too excremented the real stories about NEKRO DRUNKZ. Are you wonder to see our final disgust-excrement on this stinky and ugly toilet of death? Keep on reading and scroll down into the final excrement. And let's the sleaze Metal slaughter begin!  

MIKA ROTTEN - It’s totally cold and stink down from here, the ugly-DISCARNAGE basement. Hey Dylan aka Disgustor“fvcking” 666! Thanks for wasted your times answering this shit-interview. First of all, If you don’t mind, please brief us how your daily-life look likes beside worship this ugly-Underground madness!
DISGUSTOR666 - OUGGGHHH!!! You Fukkin sikk sons of bitches!!! Ya caught me at a time when I just got done having a quick jack in the air plane bathroom. Daily life huh?! Boozin & Bangin & scummy Sleaze music, that is the only way to live!!! 

MIKA ROTTEN - To speak about your rotten place, Portland, Oregon. I’m digging some good disgusting DEATH METAL bastard nailed from there like DISEMBOWEL, BODYBAG, EXTRANEOUS, SMUT, TRIUMVIR FOUL, BRAIN ROT, LORD GORE, etc… and of corpse! NEKRO DRUNKZ too. It’s like Portland, Oregon are likely the capital-corpse-grinder places to give unborn and slicing the Underground bands birth.
DISGUSTOR666 - Yeah heaps of killer shit coming out from here now. I have to add to your list Torture Rack, Witchvomit, Sempiternal Dusk, Weregoat, Bloodfreak, Ritual Necromancy and Petrification also The Meatshits are from Portland now too! Old school shit like Fornicator, Thy Infernal, Saviour, Demise, Wild Dogs too. It's a great city - lots of strip clubs and bars, you can really party your nuts right off! Strip club breakfasts & extreme metal! Plus up north from us there's Fetid, Acid Feast , Cerebral Rot & Crurifragium. 

MIKA ROTTEN - Beside The Grotto, Oregon Holocaust Memorial, I guess it’s a lot of pub opened down the street. Having some good drinks with a friends and enjoy some sick music will be good choice to end up your weekends there. Any suggestion what your favourites places there? 
DISGUSTOR666 - We exclusively go to the world famous metal strip club Rose City Strip! It's the only place to be, ya understand ?!! I go to the Grotto if I gotta take a dump or floss my teeth with an old used tampon. Lone Fir cemetery at night time can be cool with the right group of savages. 

MIKA ROTTEN - Alrights! Let’s cut all the crap and shit from the previous question! and let’s crushing some history how NEKRO DRUNKZ started back then, and what actually motivated you to reform this shit and stinky bands down from this rotten disgusting earth. 
DISGUSTOR666 - We've been hammering down the laws of sleaze for 10 years now! Formed on the Oregon coast, breathing in that salty hooker snatch aroma & drinking mad dog 20/20 - (drink it and get mean Fukk face !!!!) It's always been Crystal Seth (Guitar/vocals) and Myself on drums/vocals & that's the way it's gonna be till the end my friend!! We wrote a shit load of songs back then and played all sorts of gigs. We have always been influenced by all filthy death / thrash and Grind. Those genres have fluctuated in popularity over the years but we play all three, so Fukkin suck it ya trendies - AHHHHH!!!! 

MIKA ROTTEN - NEKRO DRUNKZ has excremented their first shit into the ground with a numerous split’s and compilation’s. We only can listen the debut full length after waiting almost 7 years, yours “Tyrants of Toilet Music” debut full length album was release on 2014 and the band was started in 2007 (Correct if I wrong). Why it’s take times to release the band first album, any reason beyond that relief?
DISGUSTOR666 - If there's one thing I like doing it's excreting shit into the ground! Yeah that's right we did our first full length 7 years later haha! I don't know why we waited so long? For the longest time we didn't know any one who could record us properly & it wasn't a big concern. We were mainly into playing shows and getting fukked up. We must have had 50 songs that went un recorded, I recently found an old live recording from 2008/2009 that will come out some time that has a bunch of those old songs on there. We have never stopped writing new material, just finally figured out how to sober up and record hahaha! We just released a new 7" EP and there will probably be some more shit out later this year. 

MIKA ROTTEN - Mixed between DEATH METAL and GRINDCORE tunes, I would say, NEKRO DRUNKZ probably the ugly and disgusting version from both of the music. Creepy vocals and crunch-heavy riffs and sometimes attached with a catchy Thrash riff make all the song alive and enjoyable. Maybe some old bands like REPULSION, FORNICATOR, EXHUMED give a breath to your musical direction or any shit subject?
DISGUSTOR666 - Yes we are Death & Grinders through and through! Oh man you nailed it, We have been heavy Fornicator and Repulsion fans since day one of starting our band. I like Exhumed's earlier shit like "Gore Metal". Other big influences to us have been: Anal Cunt, Nunslaughter, Mortician, Impetigo, Schnauzer, Autopsy, Abscess, Dr. Shrinker, NME, The Mentors, ZZ Top, Macabre, Twisted Sister. And of course we are both big porno enthusiasts - OHHHYEAH!!!! 

MIKA ROTTEN - Also I can see, NEKRO DRUNKZ really loved writing about the Alcohol and sexual topic on their songs. It’s like a run down from the typical Death/Grind played, more extreme music than noise shit / circle mosh. Ha! All the main topic that you wrote have a connections to your daily-life? I guess it’s probably, Yes!
DISGUSTOR666 - Yes we are sick freaks! Everyone takes shits and pisses, and everyone fucks, we just write songs about it. If that bothers you.... you're probably a sheltered weak minded loser... and Fuuuu-uuuhh-uukkk you!!!

MIKA ROTTEN - Entering the toilet that full of shit and bloody gore of flesh, the terms of “Split” releases between a band’s sometimes look good and sometimes look like shit. It’s turn a good split release when a band don’t recycle their old song, and come out with some new song on that release. I need yours view about this issue. 
DISGUSTOR666 - Hey you don't gotta coax me into the toilet, I'm already there, come on in the water is great!! We wouldn't use re-recordings or any of that horse shit unless it was live recordings of course! Splits should be exclusive material. We've done a few with Deboned, Dickless Tracy, Pus, Grim Raper, and The Mentors. We are doing a 6 way split with the godly Erectile Dementia, Reeking Cross and others later in 2018, coming out on Backwoods Butcher Records.

MIKA ROTTEN - I’m really enjoy the split between DEBONED / NEKRO DRUNKZ.  Acid Redux Productions, Third Eye Grind Records and Basement Dweller Recordings know what band that their dwell into the ground. More than other, how this split happen and how do you see DEBONED personally in terms of music / lyrics. Beside the tape version from Grindfather Production any other version of that release?
DISGUSTOR666 - Those songs that we did on that release are some of my favorites. Deboned is a great band from Canada that was shown to us by Rob Fornicator. Later they became pretty well known in the underground and then suddenly vanished ? I think they are rappers now , not sure ? Heh heh! Fukk the rap music!!! Anyhow, If  you want an introduction to either band, pick this release up - I think it's sold out but you can download it on bandcamp. 

MIKA ROTTEN - MORIBUND Records has handling your second full length “Absolute Filth” 2015 and your third full length “Lavatory Carnage” 2016. The bands vision look more successive from years to years. Released the album’s and signed with a label records it’s will fun to get involved. Anything else that you missed from the band achievement and maybe can’t make you have a good sleep at the night since the creation of NEKRO DRUNKZ.
DISGUSTOR666 - Being from the northwest extreme metal scene and Moribund records go hand in hand haha! Totally cult under ground label for over 20 Fukkin years. No compromises total evil savage Fukkin label. Moribund has released some of the best northwest bands like Whore, Fornicator, Infester, Thy Infernal, Drawn and Quartered, etc. let's not forget the Meat Shits either!!! There's no denying "Absolute Filth"... is just that, perhaps it suffered a bit in the mixing department but you get the idea.  "Lavatory Carnage" is a disgusting beast of an album & that cover art is straight up mind melting & vagina moistening! Be sure to pick up "Lavatory Carnage" and give it a listen in your car while driving off a bridge getting a blowjob!!

MIKA ROTTEN - Talk about tour and gig, NEKRO DRUNKZ probably already hit all the places around Portland, Oregon. Any gig / tour that you remember that totally turn to the fvck and shit moment? I currently read the NEKRO DRUNKZ interview with Strictly Underground LA web-blog. And it’s totally blew me up, when NEKRO DRUNKZ was banned do a show on Slabtown, regarding the NEKRO DRUNKZ song contained a extreme and vulgar intro. Ha! What a story!
DISGUSTOR666 - We've played all over the USA, usually weekend tours in a specific region. We will be playing Japan in October at the Asakusa Deathfest with Sabbat, Viscera Infest, Rude , Wormrot and more! A few shows lined up in our home town but we have been banned from more venues here just simply because of our song titles. I'm
 not sure how anyone makes it to adult hood and still gets offended by words, but whatever, we will keep drunkenly driving this armored bulldozer along until the engine Shits out. This is extreme metal music and the songs and lyrics have always been over the top and obscene, but just in the last few years a small sect of people have been pushing for censorship in this style of music. Don't like it don't listen to it, don't support it, go away! These people who claim to be fans of extreme music are in fact phonies and should just go back to listening to techno music. Like I said earlier everyone Shits & everyone fucks & people do all sorts of acts in between.... this is human nature, we just write songs about the sickness.  Bottom line..."Wimps and posers leave the Fukkin hall!!!" - ManOwaR

MIKA ROTTEN - Actually, I didn’t have much knowledge about the instrument set on the band. If you don’t mind, please share to us how NEKRO DRUNKZ instrument set look like on the rehearsal and recording studio room. 
DISGUSTOR666 - Crystal Seth plays a full stack of loud hate amps of death & porno pointy guitars and I have a Tama classic double bass drum set with 5 godamn tom drums on it. Our jam room has porno and classic metal posters on the walls and ceilings & smells like the ass of a corpse, these things help in the song writing process

“..Don't like it don't listen to it, don't support it, go away! These people who claim to be fans of extreme music are in fact phonies and should just go back to listening to techno music…!!”

MIKA ROTTEN - For some of us the ( Extreme music fans) definitely loved all the old tunes. Retributions and mangle around the dirty places and already releasing a numerous sickos stuff, any weird comment and review that NEKRO DRUNKZ received so far and you think it’s good for the band?  
DISGUSTOR666 - Only sick individuals should be listening to our music, others will not understand. I myself enjoy listening to the perverse and sleazy sounds of Gut, Dead, Impetigo, Pungent Stench etc.! To listen to bands like that & Nekro Drunkz  is to take you into the depraved depths of your brain. This must be a quality that some wimps are missing, as they only wish to exist in some fake happy episode of Barney and Friends. Thanks to those true maniacs who support us & to the pricks that don't get our music.... who Fukkin needs ya anyways ? Go eat a cat Turd ya sorry Fukk, hell eat two and polish it off with a glass of ostrich Piss!!! 

MIKA ROTTEN - We’re heading to our final excrement, maybe I’ll throw away some more question regarding on your madness. I give you a pleasure and huge pages to wrote what happen in HEADSPLIT Records quarters right now. And without any doubt, HEADSPLIT Records are one of my favourites records label that festering my tasty and ugly shit of Underground extreme music.
DISGUSTOR666 - Headsplit Records is an extreme mental record label!! It's been active since 2008, mainly picking up a lot of steam in 2010/2011. Recently I just released the first vinyl release through Headsplit, which was the Nekro Drunkz - 'Sleaze Metal Slaughter' EP.  Lots of deadly shit just coming out like: Pusrot, Phrenelith, Blood, Cianide, and Whore! Coming next will be new cassettes from Witch Vomit & Crurifragium, and represses of Torture Rack and Embalmer. The mind set behind Headsplit Records is to only release & support bands that I believe in & personally enjoy, good ol fashioned sikk shit, ya hear me? 

MIKA ROTTEN - Before we leave our shit behind, you and Crystal Seth are also play on CEMETERY LUST, when we will look a new stuff unborn from the band. I guess it’s already 3 years after the departure of “Orgies of Abomination”. Need some necrophilia stuff from the bands rite now.
DISGUSTOR666 - Arghh there should be a new album out sometime. The music is recorded and we are just waiting for artwork and some final details. Cheers to All you gravebangers out there!!!

MIKA ROTTEN - 16th are the end, but our devouring towards this ugly and disgusting music will continue. Less before we go, any words / news do you wanna add? Once again, thank you for wasting your times, Ha!
DISGUSTOR666 - Hail to the Sikk-o's, thanks for the interview, masturbate all night & don't forget to tip your waitress. I'm gonna wash my groin & armpits in the toilet after i drop a #2 and chug some liquor!!! FUKK FUKK FUKK SHIT SHIT SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!


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