...Of malodorous coffins, and breath (..decaying) into severed dreams (Interview with NEFARIOUS)

I still remember my first melting-crushing towards the creation of NEFARIOUS, I read some review about NEFARIOUS debut demo and suddenly few days later, some friends of mine sent me a link about the stuff. I thought this is maybe the miss conscious autopsy nailed deepest from Illinois gravetombs. The flavor of Old School Death Metal and crushing Thrash tunes been mixed with a pure ugly screaming-growl will hit and smashed my dead-brains. And I'm really enjoy listening all the tracks from that demo, the crunchy riffs and raw sound definitely will accompany you thru the survival on river of death. Follow me and Julian Walter festering the carnalfication of NEFARIOUS and some old stories how that disease began.  Ugly death!!  

MIKA ROTTEN - Greetings Julian! Before we heading towards into the gates of hell, can you brief us what happened around your places rite now? Still a lot of Underground-gigs / concert been held on this places?
JULIAN WALTER - Hey! Thanks for the interview! Things are going very well for us! You can always find great shows around here. We live about 40 minuets away from Chicago, where there is a really enthusiastic metal scene. We often get a good amount of big-name metal acts that come through, and a lot of great DIY shows. There couldn't be a better place for us to spread our revolting noise than here!

MIKA ROTTEN - Therefore, you, Slaughter and Aaren joining hand in VESICANT, and it's also the mostly eternally continental what do you loved to play, a mix of Death/Grind in old ways! To tell you the truth, I didn't know how much I possessed and digging into your stuff and been trapped in the heavy-ripping and catchy tunes on VESICANT demo's. So the bands already official disbanned now?
JULIAN WALTER - Yes, VESICANT is no longer active, sorry to say. After the departure of our drummer Aaren, the band had run it's course. VESICANT was a growing period for us. It was the first step we took into the darker side of the metal spectrum. We learned a lot about ourselves from VESICANT, and I think we have definitely grown as musicians and songwriters because of it.  

MIKA ROTTEN - I don't remember when the first time melting on your stuff, I read some review from your debut demo and suddenly few days later, some friends of mine sent me a link about your bands. This is a miss-conscious autopsy I was thought? Firstly, let speak deepest about the creation of new bands in Illinois played the old school way of Death / Thrash, NEFARIOUS!
JULIAN WALTER - The concept of NEFARIOUS had been kicking around for a while prior to the demo being released. I don't care much for the overly technical and “brutal” direction that most modern metal bands are taking. It sounds sterile and void of any aggression. I like that raw unhinged sound that was present in the 80s and 90s. I wanted to approach our sound from an almost juvenile perspective, with “tongue in cheek” horror and occult themes and thrashy bare-bone song structures. Raw, focused, devastation!  

MIKA ROTTEN - NEFARIOUS, successful throwing and vomiting the debut demo last years, it’s still sounds fresh, with a lot of interesting song composing and doses of crushing riff’s and mangled solo guitar contained and combine. Yeah! It’s totally raw, but what make I think it’s really worth to someone who loved the old tunes in raw and ugly way.  Can you imagine now, how your debut demo give a impact to UG-metal listener?
JULIAN WALTER - The demo laid the foundation for us to build our macabre vision. If you like your music raw and relentless, you will not be disappointed!

MIKA ROTTEN - Some old tunes from the SLAYER / POSSESSED / HELLHAMMER / CELTIC FROST can’t be faded away through your debut demo’s at least in my ear, this is the major influences the existence of NEFARIOUS?
JULIAN WALTER - We love all those bands! Those and many others such as Nihilist, Repulsion, and Bathory, to name a few, have paved the way for all extreme metal now and forever! I find inspiration in other genres and forms of expression as well. From the crust ridden sounds of AMEBIX, to the blasphemous ramblings of CHRISTIAN DEATH, and the nightmarish illustrations of Zdzisław Beksiński, you can find NEFARIOUS.  

MIKA ROTTEN - And, it’s really good and always be good to release your stuff on tapes, the analog still fvcking rules! I also must say, you’re one of the analog collector also, can you remember what first demo tape did you digging back in your early days? And how much copies actually for your debut demo tape crushing into the UG-world?  I must say thanks to you for the delivering this good shit to my hands. Really loved it’s!!
JULIAN WALTER - You are welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed it! We made 50 tapes of our self-titled demo. Each one was photocopied, hand cut and numbered, the same as the VESICANT demo. I have always had a fascination with analog and vintage forms of media. Although the digital age has made music very accessible, in the form of downloads and mp3s, you lose the tangible and intimate experience of owning a band's release as it was intended to be. To me, it's like owning a piece of the artist haha. I collect vinyl records a lot more than I collect tapes though. First vinyl LP I ever bought was diSEMBOWELMENT - Transcendence into The Peripheral. The first cassette I ever bought and still cherish to this day is the crushing MORBUS CHRON - Sleepers in the Rift. Great band! Sadly disbanded.

MIKA ROTTEN -  Let the NEFARIOUS raw-crushing debut demo laying alone in our cemeteries, so this is the right time for us to speak about the latest madness NEFARIOUS already unleashed. The final hell awaits for the new EP’s, “Death Beckons”  finally reveal by the Headsplit Records. This is a turning points for all of yours and it’s like more sick stuff will be featured in the future?
JULIAN WALTER - The reception from the demo was overwhelmingly positive! I never thought it would have interested anyone outside of our immediate scene here. We have had people from all over the world, like Germany, Australia and Japan ask for demos. So I can't lie when saying there was a good amount of pressure on us to make “Death Beckons” the deadliest it could be! I feel a lot of pressure from myself as well. I'm my own worst critic haha! I can write and rewrite a song a hundred and one times and still hate it. But I usually get a vibe or an image in my head and I try to capture that with my music. That's the direction I took for “Death Beckons”. It's too soon now to say what direction it will eventually go, but we will continue to tread deeper down the winding corridors of NEFARIOUS and find out!

MIKA ROTTEN - Almost 14 minutes + + contained a lot great music arrangement, tons of anger-aggression and stunning-brutality atmosphere I found on the “Death Beckons” EP make me choked in halfway of the EP and sometimes it’s  like  I been tie within a tight and strong of song decomposition on the first impression towards the opening , examples for the opening tracks “Usurp The Throne”. Crushing riff’s and crazy fast “Skansk” D-beat. I thinks it’s a good choice to put this song on the first track on the EP. This is the 14 minutes of hell from NEFARIOUS ?
JULIAN WALTER - The EP didn't need to be any longer, nor any shorter than it became. It's always been about quality over quantity for us. I'm proud to say we gave our all with this release! As for the track listing, during the writing process, I try to figure out what the song order will eventually be. I think the order of which the songs on a release are arranged can greatly impact the listener. Each song is like a short path on a longer road. “Usurp The Throne” is a song that “goes for the throat”. No samples. No clean intros. No bullshit.

MIKA ROTTEN - And, I must say the tracks called “Malodorous Miasma” totally caught my ear with a heavy-catchy-brutal riff’s. What actually the “Malodorous Miasma” gonna tell us, I mean from the lyrical approach?  Can you speak and give us more light about this song, and I must say this tracks are one of my favourite song on this EP. No doubt!
JULIAN WALTER - “Malodorous Miasma” was written by Aaren so lets ask him! (Aaren - “'Malodorous Miasma' is simply about the festering stench of decay. You know, the sweet smell of death in the morning!”)

MIKA ROTTEN - Seem, NEFARIOUS was dwell with a Horror / Occultism / Death topic on the band themes / lyrical , any classic book that you always refer to make a ugly gloomy-darkness atmosphere beyond the creation of your new EP?
JULIAN WALTER - The last horror book I remembering reading was Dracula by Bram Stoker. Great read, although I don't think it directly influenced my writing. I think the lyrical subjects in NEFARIOUS are more inspired by horror films and folklore. Horror classics such as Cannibal Holocaust, Black Sunday, The Evil Dead and many others have inspired us both lyrically and musically.

MIKA ROTTEN -  “Death Beckons” also the fast answer to all sick DM-lover, it’s totally bring us back into the primitive days of Death by Metal glorious time. “Death Beckons” also was like a time capsule for us going back into the time what some bands left back the years. From year to year many new underrated bands nailing with a sick stuff / tunes, how do you see the revival of the old tunes and any idea what actual places for “Death Beckons” spread the ugly madness without any regret like some bands releases from the past?
JULIAN WALTER - I think the old-school metal revival is fascinating movement. From the nostalgic old-schoolers, to the pubescent 'stached kids who were not even born yet, it gives fans the chance to keep the old ways alive. We will always be fans first! Though I think newer bands are sticking too close the “rule book” so to speak. Back then bands had to really push themselves to stand out among their peers. Bands took more risks. Most importantly, bands had more fun! What was original and spontaneous then, has now become formulaic. As for NEFARIOUS, I feel we are in a sort of “embryonic” stage. We are still growing and trying to find ourselves.

MIKA ROTTEN - In terms of sound producing, I think “Death Beckons” EP probably different from your previous release, in terms of sound quality, but all the rawness, stink and putrid sound feel still same as before. No one can’t deny, how good NEFARIOUS broke up the wall to created their own styles. If you didn’t mind, can you list up or tell us the story beyond the final mixing/mastering on the studio, and the man that nails out NEFARIOUS’s sound on the mixing/mastering board to complete the creation of “Death Beckons” EP.
JULIAN WALTER - Both the demo and the EP were recorded on our own, although we had help from some people. Joesph Walter helped with the recording of the drums on the demo. When the time came to mix, there was a specific sound I wanted to achieve. So I decided to take on the headache-inducing task of mixing it haha! I had no previous recording experience other than the VESICANT demos, which were crudely recorded and mixed. It was something I had to dive in and figure out for myself. It's a tedious but very rewarding process hearing the pieces fall into place, and become a living, malevolent entity!

MIKA ROTTEN - As usual, any tour been arrange rite now after the awakening of “Death Beckons” EP’s ? Some bands can’t do a ‘long’ tours, seem their always trapped with their work jobs or maybe family.  Did you see this a ‘little’ wall to any of band should broke after this?
JULIAN WALTER - There are no tours planned as of now, but if the opportunity arises, we would give nothing short of 110% of ourselves! I think it is hard for bands to make a living solely off their music these days. People are tied down with jobs and other obligations like you said, making touring difficult. We do have a show coming up in August with Sadistic Ritual, Nemesis, and local heroes, Reign and Savagery! It's going to be sick!

MIKA ROTTEN - To speak to our DISCARNAGE readers thru this dirty and ugly web-blog, here I wrote some little highlights from the new NEFARIOUS stuff that you can find thru the EP :  
I)Crunchy, brutality and heavy-crushing riff’s
II)Most solid in terms of sound arrangement / production / song composing
III)Horror / Gruesome artwork that turn up the feel towards EP’s atmosphere
IV)Total chaos-energetic from instrument handle by each of the lineup
V)Crazy fast “Skansk” D-beat and  anger-ggression from the scream lead us into the special places when nobody can’t stop us to play our beloved tunes
Do you wanna add something, maybe why the ‘corpses’ out there should grab and dancing on their own funeral with NEFARIOUS “Death Beckons” EP ?
JULIAN WALTER - “Death Beckons” is the next step in our musical journey through the morbid landscapes of the mind. Take the plunge and open the door into darkness!

MIKA ROTTEN - We’re heading toward to the end of this interview, and let play some games before we’re  heading out into our coffins. Can you list up 10 favorite song’s  that totally give you a huge inspirations and towards the creation of NEFARIOUS!
JULIAN WALTER - 1)HELLHAMMER “Satanic Rites” (1983)
2)SEPULTURA “Bestial Devastation” (1985)
3)MORBID ANGEL “Thy Kingdom Come” (1987)
4)MORBID “Wings of Funeral” (1987)
5)NECROVORE “Slaughtered Remains” (1987)
6)DEATH “Denial of Life” (1987)
7)MERCILESS “Pure Hate” (1990)
8)REPUGNANT “Premature Burial” (2004)
9)VAMPIRE “At Midnight I'll Possess Your Corpse” (2012)
10)EXCORIATED “Stench of a Rotten Face” (2014)

MIKA ROTTEN - So, 15th are the end of our festering towards our severed dreams, thanks for your time to answering this interview. Any words that you feel do you wanna throw up on this ugly / dirty web-blog before we go? Catch you later Julian!!
JULIAN WALTER - Thank you for the interview! If you don't have it yet, pick up our new EP, “Death Beckons” out on HEADSPLIT RECORDS!

Death Beckons is the next step in our musical journey through the morbid landscapes of the mind. Take the plunge and open the door into darkness!"