Stay ugly, filthy, stinky, heavy and drunked! | Interview with Peter / LACK OF SUN

Going  rotting… and smell’s bad around Prague 

I'm totally fvcking excited when D.Gore sent me a notifications about the existence of LACK OF SUN before, and he told me the band already release their first debut-demo. It's just "stinky-cold-rotten" atmosphere accompany me by, alongside this 3 tracks demo and it's totally flesh ripping Death Metal sounds! Without waste my times, and to not exhausted to death about what the band dwell to the dead for, I just got PETER (Guitar) and speak with him about the band existence. Enjoy the ridden with... disease!

MIKA ROTTEN - Rotten regards! It's really good to have you in here Peter. Firstly can you introduce your band to our disgusting readers? When was it founded and what side of Death Metal do you rotting for... And tell us what the real connections between LACK OF SUN and CONTROLLED EXISTENCE. 
PETER - It was the beginning of 2015 when hyper active bass player Tomas, exhumed rotting talent of his long time friend, drummer Lukas. The idea was to play some Bolt Thrower tracks for fun. He asked me, if I am interested. That time I had no band activities for quite long time and always wanted to play some death metal, so it was quick deal. The second guitar post was taken by Patrik. He plays drums in CONTROLLED EXISTENCE with Tomas, but is a super guitarist too. Finally, our friend Alex took the mic. The band was complete and we named it Bong Thrower. With this cover band, we played one show in Prague. It was fun but we felt that we need more. That was the begining of LACK OF SUN.

First gig aka BONG THROWER with Alex
MIKA ROTTEN - I got a chances to listen to you first demo that unleash in 2016. Loved the result that coming from that demo. Where and under what conditions were you recording for the first demo of LACK OF SUN? Who take in charge of sound production and mastering for the first demo? It's quite heavy and a lot of interesting flesh ripping riffs unbounded into the song, especially on tracks "Pad do hrobu" from that demo. 
PETER - I had some riffs ready so we started to work on it. Patrik added his sick ideas and rhythm section kicked balls. We made three songs and record it in our rehearsal room during quick session. Raw material was sended for mix and master to Peter Tatarka and his Tretradot studio in east Slovakia. The result was surprisingly good, so we decided to put it out. Sadly, soon after releasing the demo, Alex left the band. His place was taken by another good friend and voice - Yurka.

MIKA ROTTEN - The first demo of LACK OF SUN can be fully free stream and download through your Bandcamp. I still wonder or even curious if that release available in physical format already. It's already happen? I'm afraid I'm missed a news regarding that release.
PETER - Demo was released as a DIY split tape with Prague band BLACK ASPIRIN. Definitely check them out. On their side you can find two monstrous songs Wurstzilla and Handsome Slavemaster. I am in love with opening riff in Wurstzilla. (Click here for some preview)

MIKA ROTTEN - Death, gore and all horror topic are the most easy subject for us to write a lyrics. In the lyrics creation beyond your first demo, who is the author of the lyrics and how they band created or mixed the lyrics into the song atmosphere?
PETER - I wrote lyrics for From freezing hell and Pád do hrobu - Down to grave. The first one is about man who escapes from Russians gulag, prison, but is freezing to death in wilderness. Pád do hrobu is thought about dying in every second of your life. Plot - Fence, was written by Alex and it was his reaction to closing borders during refugee crysis in Europe. We are not that typical death metal when it comes to lyrics and we don't want to limit ourselves in any way, so topics are opened. But of course we are trying to connect the atmosphere of music and lyrics.

MIKA ROTTEN - Speak about the music that the band play and festering for, I pretty sure all those that claim themselves a fans of Old School Death Metal will dig your music. Which bands take a deathbreath into your music and where do you get your inspiration towards the music creation of LACK OF SUN? 
LACK OF SUN @ Modrá Vopice 5.6.
PETER - We are all big fans of old school death metal. The main source of inspiration is coming from UK (Bolt Thrower) and Swedish (Entombed) death metal scene. But add a little trash/punk straightness in quick parts and old UK doom melancholy in slow parts and there you have it. It works pretty well I guess. We find inspiration mostly in loads of alcohol, weed and other beautiful substances which makes this shitty life more fun. 

MIKA ROTTEN - I've take peep into the band pages and generally the band is really active play on stages. How many gigs have you played since the band has started and do you have any upcoming "slaughter" gig/show that you need to announced in here.  
PETER - We didn't play too many gigs, I think now its somewhere around ten shows. But the more you play the more you're known and the number is rising pretty quick. For all our shows check our FB page. I am really looking forward to show in Prague club 007 on 21/9 with KRYPTS from Finland and JUPITERIAN from Brazil. The club is known for super sound so it will be massive. 

MIKA ROTTEN - Your brand new releases that out this years featured a split with Black Aspirin. Where the idea come to make a split tape release with Black Aspirin and what about your future plans for the band?
PETER - BLACK ASPIRIN are our friends, worshipping the same cults, consuming the same drugs and they play ugly music as well. The compatibility is astonishing. BA was the ultimate choice. About the future plans... We have enough material for LP so hopefully this fall we will record it and release it on vinyl asap. Also there are some ideas for new songs and places to play. 

MIKA ROTTEN - Any additional words or anything we left before I'm cut the interview in here? Once again thanks for your times Peter. Hopefully will listen more rotten-devastating Death Metal music from your bands. Cheers and big hug from me!  
PETER - Thank you for your support. We do our worst to entertain you. We promise to stay ugly, filthy, stinky, heavy and drunked. Cheers!