WARNING : Terror-Horror-Abomination of Ugly Death | Interview with Tom 'Horrified' Hoffmann / GRAVEYARD GHOUL

Shocking creatures! From the graves!

It's already 5 years since 'Necrocult' demo have haunt down all the living dead. Raw and necrosound atmosphere was embede(a)d from the demo and twisted turns to one of the best Death Metal demo release in a history since the revival of Old School Death. It's simple total primitive and no one can deny how great the feels by listen up this demo again. GRAVEYARD GHOUL back in 2017 in more ugly and disgusting morbid-ways! Here some horror stories that anyone didn't tells you, how stink the air for us to breath and how much fear the dead haunted us. It's really good to have Tom 'Tyrantor' Horrified on this ugly tombsite and speak about the night of terror, horror of ..... GRAVEYARD GHOUL! UGH!

MIKA ROTTEN - Hails to death and always praise AUTOPSY! Hi Tom, and welcome to putrefaction and stinky side of DISCARNAGE! Before we goes to the main coffins of this interview, can you share something what happen nearby you right now, and how your daily life look like and the “two corpses” from GRAVEYARD GHOUL too.
TOM 'HORRIFIED' - Right now i sitting here and answer your questions, ha! Im work in a musicshop so i sell instruments and stuff. The other corpses making music all the time. 

MIKA ROTTEN - GRAVEYARD GHOUL just finished festered and rot-decay on "In Flammen Open Air" in July, and I thought it’s turn be good day to remember by the band to spread the disgusting and horror tunes in front of the crowd or your fans. If I asked you which one did you most prefer between play in the big festival or small underground gig, which one you choice and can satisfied yours?
TOM 'HORRIFIED' - I prefer the underground gigs in small filthy clubs. Because i like the atmosphere. But the open air show was great! I really like it too because you can meet some of great other bands and friends, a big party. But my favorite are the underground club shows.

MIKA ROTTEN - Any dated to be announced about your upcoming show or maybe a “filthy” tour from GRAVEYARD GHOUL after this?
TOM 'HORRIFIED' - We don`t play shows at the moment because we are working on new tracks for a split. But new shows are crawling closer...of corpse! 

MIKA ROTTEN - I guess someone that called themselves “Death Metal-worship” but never heard about the existence of GRAVEYARD GHOUL probably entering the wrong left-hand-path of the real Death Metal music and I’m pretty much sure your band names are mainly taken from Tribulation’s song from Tribulation first debut album, “The Horror” that out in 2009. How the story goes rot back then to restart a new band, music and atmosphere? because I also find you’re was involved with NUCLEATOR since the first day of the band too.
TOM 'HORRIFIED' - Thats partial true. The band name is from the track "Graveyard Ghoul`s" and in dependence a tribute to Ed Gein. "The Butcher of Plainfield" robbed graves for 12 years. Gein exhumed corpses from local graveyards and fashioned trophies and keepsakes from their bones and skin. A real Ghoul. About my band before the GRAVEYARD GHOUL time - it was a cool time but we had some different views so we split the project off...

MIKA ROTTEN - And, can I say you’re finally found your dirty-horror soul with GRAVEYARD GHOUL?
TOM 'HORRIFIED' - Absolute yes! That`s my life! 

MIKA ROTTEN - Let’s talk about the GRAVEYARD GHOUL first demo, “Necrocult”. It’s quite simple and straight forward song decomposition from the demo, but I much enjoy the raw vibe and atmosphere that come from this demo. Could you share to our readers how the process goes in the studio to record the band first demo back then? 
TOM 'HORRIFIED' - (Haha) - sure, it`s simply primitive. Disgracer and me had nothing to record anything in a "good production". Also one mic and a old computer. So we put one shitty mic in the mittle of the room and record the songs. That`s it. So we had the "necrosound" because we had no alternative. And we hate all these "good productions" by the way.

MIKA ROTTEN - Firstly, let me apologize first. I can’t afford to buy your first demo back then when it’s out from the gloomy-graveyards, so the best option for me to get your demo, I’ve asked my friend to dub your demo tape on the blank tape and later on give it’s to me. What’s your opinion about the terms of copyright? 
TOM 'HORRIFIED' - Ha, that`s cool man! I like bootlegs when it`s for your own, that`s great. We only made 50 copies and 5 demo tapes with red paper (so the white was empty) i think it`s hard to find any demos in the web, so it`s the only way. But i like your maniac passion dude! 

MIKA ROTTEN - “Necrocult” demo also show me how the band embalmed my memories from the old demo period. Unpolished and dirty enough from the production and speaking beyond the revival of Old School Death nowadays, let’s hear from your tomb-side about this phenomenon. It’s good or just flatted by the amount of the band that existence to carry out the banner of death?
TOM 'HORRIFIED' - Ya, it`s good! I really like it when bands have the dirty necrosound. You don`t need this high production sound when you want to make death or black metal. I think the atmosphere are important and the setting of the songs.

MIKA ROTTEN - To me, AUTOPSY is very fvcking something special, and have their own trademarks. Someone might say, some ‘depressive’ Black Metal or fvcking technical-brutal Death Metal have their own feelings and presentations, but I guess all this creepy music can’t beat the real survival feelings from the mighty AUTOPSY already delivered! To name AUTOPSY as the main influence towards the creation of GRAVEYARD GHOUL, can you give us the light why must AUTOPSY?!
TOM 'HORRIFIED' - Because Autopsy combined all the heavy parts of (death) metal. They have the mighty and slowly doom parts to hit you on the ground and the really fast parts to give you the final punch! There is no better in death metal like Autopsy in my opinion! And these guys had never a bad release by the way! 

MIKA ROTTEN - In the same years from your demo was un-born, the band first debut full length album unleash via Final Gate Records. “Tomb of the Mouldered Corpses” have proven the album have their own charms. What did all of you see from yours musician-level, compare from the demo and your first album era.
TOM 'HORRIFIED' - The debut was better like the demo, sure! The songs are more powerfull and the party in it are better. And the sound is better like the demo but not high`s like an update in the "necrosound".

MIKA ROTTEN - Did you satisfied from the way your spread and doing a promotions for your first debut full length back then?
TOM 'HORRIFIED' - Ya, sure. It`s my first debut in death metal. So it`s very useful for me. 

MIKA ROTTEN - Generally, “The Living Cemetery” album is completely untouched and can’t be broke by any trends. It’s like a DEATH METAL-tombstone that I recommend for someone who dig all the rotting and raw tunes from the early years of Death Metal. How much times did you take to compress all the horror vibe into the song and finally completely the final re-awakening for your second full length?
TOM 'HORRIFIED' - Thanks for it! We create "The Living Cemetery" right after our debut. It`s a big level over it. In terms of the songs and sound too. The sound is had more bass and power a full level over all release before. And we`re satisfied with it.

MIKA ROTTEN - Honestly, I much dig your second album compare to the previous one but the band first-two records probably the mostly priceless item that I need seal safely on my collection rack. Compare to “Tomb of the Mouldered Corpses” and  “The Living Cemetery” album, which part from this two album did you’ve push for? 
TOM 'HORRIFIED' - I think in "The Living Cemetery" is more power in the songs and the layout. A advancement of course to the debut. But booth records are great and full of pure rottness.

MIKA ROTTEN - Let’s take a death-breath first, and let’s ripping some “AUTOPSY” game. And please choose one of them and please give us the reason. Not fvcking tricky question Tom. Ha! :

+ Severed Survival or Mental Funeral album?
TOM 'HORRIFIED' - Mental Funeral because it`s more ugly! 

+ Chris Reifert or Eric Cutler
TOM 'HORRIFIED' - Reifert! - He is the reason to make death metal (and he playin drums and make the vocals to like me, ha)

+ Retributions for the Dead or Fiend for Blood EP?
TOM 'HORRIFIED' - Retributions for the Dead - the cover is great!

+ 1987 demo or Critical Madness demo’s?
TOM 'HORRIFIED' - 1987 demo - because Mouled to Death (one of my favoite tracks)

+ Best of AUTOPSY cover arts
TOM 'HORRIFIED' - Mental Funeral - the title and cover are perfekt. And "Shitfun" it`s so ugly as fuck...that`s great.

+ + + + +

MIKA ROTTEN - GRAVEYARD GHOUL brand new album was coming in the early of 2017, “Slaughtered – Defiled – Dismembered”. I’ve spotted some disgusted distortions and Punkish attitude on yours third album. Of corpse you know what is the real sound that you try developed and delivered for the new album and could you explain to us more about this new album? 
TOM 'HORRIFIED' - Ya, it`s a little different like the releases before. I think it`s a step back in sound, but two steps forward for the song structure. It`s an advancement for sure! And that`s my favoite cover art in our discography!

MIKA ROTTEN - Go Fuck Yourself handling the cassette and vinyl version for your new album and how this label approach you? It’s a cassette and vinyl release is ‘must have’ release for a bands?
TOM 'HORRIFIED' - Pascal, the label boss is a good friend of us. His label is very cool! And we recording our two first records in his studio. In my opinion there is nothing better than the vinyl sound. But its not an must have for a band. Cassettes...that`s more like the cult character. But i like tapes! Im a fuckin tape maniac! I have many demos from good bands, friends from Sweden.

LIVE UNDEAD : In Flammen Open Air 2017
MIKA ROTTEN - I found a song called “VHS” from your new albums, it’s a homage for all video tape collector? Recently we lost, the “Gorefather of zombie” films, George A. Romero. I’m pretty sure all of us already dig all Romero works since his broke the movie rules. Did you think DEATH METAL music owe Romero so much through his inspiration via all of his movie ?
TOM 'HORRIFIED' - Thats right! VHS (Visual Horror Sacrifice) is a little tribute! Horror movies are a big part of Graveyard Ghoul! We love the movies from Fulci, Romero...and we had lot of songs with there influence! 

MIKA ROTTEN - Please cherish us with a dirty words why our readers should listen to GRAVEYARD GHOUL new album? And.. can you describes more what we all can expect from your new album? Still horror and ugly enough from the sound production rights. Ha!
TOM 'HORRIFIED' - Sure - well, when you like the old, dirty, filthy and rotten way in death metal...ooh no! - Not the same lame HM-2 shit out there...I meen the old way...the "back in the days death metal was slimy and stinky" way...than youre right at our crypt! And no, i never had enough from that, HA!

MIKA ROTTEN -  I’m going let’s your rot on the last run from this interview Tom! Did you ever imagine from the early days you started this new band in town that you gonna turn like today? What’s the real motivation back then?
TOM 'HORRIFIED' - I don`t no. I think yes. The motivation is when i hear to some new bands from the same crypt. Or i found another great old horror movie or a good horror comic...

MIKA ROTTEN - Anything I left from our conversation that you want to add some? Once again, thanks for your time Tom. Good to see another brand new release from GRAVEYARD GHOUL, good luck in future and always praise the mighty AUTOPSY!
TOM 'HORRIFIED' - Well support your local grave digger and listen to some ugly death metal! Thanks for your interest in Graveyard Ghoul!

...only Death is real!!


P/S : All photo's goes 'rotting' credits to GRAVEYARD GHOUL tomb-pages