Reborn in (dark) blasphemy.. Total Death! (Interview with DAVID GARCIA / DARK BLASPHEMIES RECORDS)

Dedicated to rotten death metal
We can't talk about the real underground scene without a label records participated. DEATH METAL, the band itself, and the label records are among things make the scene going strong years by years. Carry the flag of rotten death and devoted to the real DEATH METAL-Underground scene, DARK BLASPHEMIES RECORDS are among the true DEATH METAL records ever exist and still carry out the spirit of death out there. I talk with David Garcia from DARK BLASPHEMIES RECORDS few days ago, here the flowing story .....

MIKA ROTTEN - Hi and greeting Dave! Thanks for spending your times to reply this interview. And welcome to the ugly side of DEATH METAL! How life goes rotten this day?
DAVID GARCIA - Thanks for taking my label into account Mika, it is a true honor. Today is a horrible day; it is 6 am and I cannot sleep anymore. It is unbearably hot at 27 °C in my house, but I am sure I will have some fun answering your questions. 

MIKA ROTTEN - Before we rotting in our tomb, let’s hear from you side how do you discover the Metal music. And please share to us your first records that your bought or trade that time. 
DAVID GARCIA - Sure, how I got into Death Metal is funny. It was in 1988, I was only 12 years old, and my brother had introduced me to an original tape of Death’s Leprosy. From that point on I simply could not stop listening to Death Metal. I would basically check the thank list of a record and then start looking for those other bands. 

MIKA ROTTEN - Let introduces to our DISCARNAGE reader’s, how the label started festering and decay into the burial ground back then.
DAVID GARCIA - I had wanted to do something like Dark Blasphemies for a few years, but it all really got started when I dissolved my band, Unconsecrated. Now days it not so difficult to get started with a record label, you do not need that much money, and top of that, the first band I signed, MORBIDER, had really good sales, so that allow me to keep in business for other releases. So far it has been 8 years.

MIKA ROTTEN - Every label have their own vision and goal, what I can see from your label side, the real tastes of Death Metal can’t be hide through your release.  Could I say you running a total Death metal label? Or maybe you want to describe it’s different from your point of view.
DAVID GARCIA - The label got started with the idea of releasing rotten Death Metal, classic Death Metal, which is the one I like the most, however as you can see now, I have bands such as ABIOSIS, Death/Thrash, or CRUCIFER, which also plays Thrash with some Death Metal tones. I am not closed to other styles as you can see. Pretty much I would release something I like. 

MIKA ROTTEN - I think a label names also take a part when do you want to started a label records, same goes to the band names. Could you share to us how do you end up using “Dark Blasphemies” on your label records?
DAVID GARCIA - Hahahaha, funny question! I went, with my wife, to the movies one day and we watched this horror movie, which name I do not remember the anymore… all I remember is that I was looking for a name for my label and then someone in the movie said ‘Dark Blasphemies’, and that was it!! I said to myself, that is how I want to call my record label!!!

MIKA ROTTEN - Sometimes some of us, still prefer the analog cassette release or maybe the vinyl release, and seem Dark Blasphemies Records pay more attention in CD version release, can you tell us the reason beyond that. I thinks analog cassette-scene still going strongest from years to years comparing to other version. Any thought about this come from you mine?
DAVID GARCIA - That is a path I will not take. I can assure you Dark Blasphemies Records will never edit tapes or vinyl. First of all, the CD is my favorite format, the one I listen to the most. I do own tapes and vinyl, but they are merely collecting dust at home. The CD format is a lot better when you want to take your records with you in the card, or in your laptop, which is where I listen to most of my music now. It is amazing that people now days go crazy about vinyl and say it sounds a lot better than a CD, when the masters of most records on vinyl are digital, and not analog, as it used to be back in the 80s and 90s. 

MIKA ROTTEN - And let’s talk something memorable from the memory lane of your old previous release. I found some classic release through your label like MORBIDER “When Darkness Return” and EMBALMED “Boiling Humans” CD. Can you remember the first feeling when you hold your first release record that times?
DAVID GARCIA - Uffff! you cannot imagine how happy I felt when I finally saw the 1000 copies of MORBIDER at home. I could not believe myself when the release was ready to go out.  I knew I needed to promote it, so people could know about my label. Then came EMBALMED, one of those bands I would listen to in cassette back in the 90s, their BOILING HUMANS demo is one of my favorites, so I contacted them and offered a 1000 CD copies release and they did not doubt to accept it. My happiness was then complete!!

MIKA ROTTEN - This question may end up a bit longer from your side. If you don’t mine please list up your label favorites release. I guess some label when I asking  a question about their favorites release their may answer all the release coming from the label. And on your side?
DAVID GARCIA - Man, it is a logical thing to like all the stuff you release, but there are some releases I like more, I would say CRUCIFIX, ADVERSARY and NECROLATRY are the ones I would stick with the most. These are bands that should have gotten more attention back in the 90s and now people can enjoy them. 

MIKA ROTTEN - When Internet burst into the world in the late 90’s, the spirit of spreading the paper flyers looked slowly rotten into the scenes. What the best way to promote you label release through this era? I think some of us will take offended using a social media platform like facebook, myspace, bandcamp etc but I think it’s the best way to spread your release 
DAVID GARCIA - Although word of mouth and flyers were essential in the 90s, as you say, to find out what was being released. Zines were also very helpful, however hard to find sometimes, especially in Spain. Now days, the easiest way for me is via Facebook, Bandcamp, email mailings to all users of the my webpage, and by attending an extreme metal fair in Madrid, which takes place twice a year. This fair allows people to stop by our booth and check our own releases and releases from other labels. Also, trading with other labels and distros is important, this way people from other countries can get to know our stuff. 

MIKA ROTTEN - Did you already done your list of your label in term of “much sell release” Can you tell us more about that release?
DAVID GARCIA - The release that sold the most and fast was MORBIDER, no doubt, this was a 1000 copies releaed. Now I am limiting my releases to a 500 pieces each. 

MIKA ROTTEN - In 2017, I see a huge list of your upcoming release gonna hit the burial ground shortly. Some of them are ROTTED and ABIOSIS. Can you give us a hint or news what will happen or out in Dark Blashphemies Record – hq in the future. Any future plans release still in discuss with other band?
DAVID GARCIA - Just today I had sent the pressing request for ABSENCE OF LIFE by ABIOSIS. Pure authentic death/thrash a la DEMOLITION HAMMER, 7 tracks ready to please any death thrasher out there!! This is a jewel, believe me, the booklet has this nice old school touch. Next to get to press is EXEMPT’s 3 demos, pure Swedish Death Metal from the 90s.  Then, I hope, the North Americans ROTTED, a new band playing old rotted Death Metal in the same vein as ROTTREVORE, GRAVE, and UNDERGANG. Also, I have pending a double CD from the Swedish HARASSED including their 5 demos. As a novelty, as I have not announced it yet, I have just signed a young French band, REST, authentic Death Metal. They are currently working on their first full length. I got a hold on their demo in digital and I liked it so much that I knew I want them to sign for me. Be on the lookout for this  promising band. 

MIKA ROTTEN -  I’m out right now, thanks for your times Dave! Cheers from Malaysia my friends!
DAVID GARCIA - Thanks a lot Mika! I appreciate your time and this interview. Hope you do well and that we can keep writing each other. Big hug for you! 


Keep your rotten soul or body and bloody-eye onto the label release, buy the real physical records and support the DEATH METAL-Underground! 

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