Retribution for the Dead : Grave desecration on the feeble minded!

Another bands that I need to write their names on my "Best of Death Metal Demo" release list of 2017, even way their coming and festering the rotting decay from the HC / Crust Punk scene and embalmed the old-good memories of the "Harmony Corruption" and "Slowly We Rot" album vibe. I've my own reason why HIDEOUS CREEP really blew my mind and got my stand-up / crosses hands. I'm still believed to create and write a good Death Metal band / song it's must started and filled up with the Punk attitude / flavor. If you think it's beyond your fvcking relief or maybe you can't stand with the ethics, just listen to the mighty Discharge!

HIDEOUS CREEP featuring members of previous bands like TOTES BRUTE, TRIPPING CORPSE and DISPARA. To brick another wall of dead, a dose of Crust/Grindcore tunes been injected to HIDEOUS CREEP sound and created a really "stand-out" sound of production from the demo that the band have release. And I must say, I already fall and trap with their debut demo that sound very thick and make me go back to the memories of lane, and sometime it's just remind me the "Morrisound" memories.

The band have release a brand new demo in 2017, and I've a chance to listen to that demo and it's quite justifiable that "2nd Demo" by HIDEOUS CREEP is widely considered to the real quote of Punk and Grindcore in general and been mixed with a groovy touch from the Death Metal ingredients. HIDEOUS CREEP had already laid down the tombstones for a new extremity within Crust Punk / Grindcore or even in Death Metal music.

Just imagine the grind-mixed between Obituary / Napalm Death / Discharge in one final pots, and you got "2nd Demo" on the result! Songs were played in short time, played at mid-paced tempo and simply you can't feel the tracks already been change. Riffs were near to the ripping-fast changed side of fret, and giving a greater continuity to the songwriting process. The process of build up a song comeside with a crunchy-strum, and the ridden of the bass / guitar, has play the compartment in the most ugliest jiggling way and disgusting accompany by grunt-vilest growling vocal styles.

You also can heard a competition running between the guitar and drum on the song, the mostly justifiable grind riffs and ultra-blast beat in more greatness! Second demo by HIDEOUS CREEP just show me the real connection between Death Metal and Punk-mangle sound.

To cut it all, the second demo by HIDEOUS CREEP is well produced, and the demo just filling up my room with an insanely-raw fat sound. And HIDEOUS CREEP are the band that you need to caught up again if you have miss the "Harmony Corruption" and "Slowly We Rot" era. I'm happy to add, HIDEOUS CREEP already bring back the lost part from the Grindcore sound and emerged with their own madness. Total mangle!

Seattle mangle crust punk / grindcore madness.!