Critical Madness : FUNEREALITY "Flabby Folds of Flesh" Demo / Tape

I never seen any Death Metal band that worship AUTOPSY more than FUNEREALITY! It's the fact! The previous EP, "Goregeous" , contains pretty much of unspeakable shitfun-work that turn to be a good classick release in my opinion and pushes it's more into extremely rotting and disgust level both from song and lyrics that embalmed from that EP. It's already done on the "Funeral for A Fuck", "Leeches" or "Deathwish" demo and I only can hope, Gusten Andlos can carry out more filthy, stink and disgusting stuff in the upcoming years.

"Flabby Folds of Flesh" Demo are brand new 'gut-eater' from FUNEREALITY. With infamously 'disgusting-bluerragghhh' vocal style, distortion-heavy poundead sound of bass and more extra doom riff's was present, Gusten Andlos are doing it's alone and successful again. Of corpse there are some memorable tunes on here, between the AUTOPSY's slow of doomier-trademark and the raw vibe of Severed Survival anthem. Gusten Andlos swirling out the tunes in very freshly of vile slicing meat and some riff's that easy for you to remember and humming, just like the first track from the demo, 'Pigs'. "Flabby Folds of Flesh" Demo also proved the Punk's flavor can't be separated away, I know the band have pretty much obsessed by some 'raw-pang' tune, you generally can spotted the riff's was build in very simple and straight to the ugliness of the song and with the flowing from the drums beat, rolls and blast just sound very filthy neat between the fast-slow paced. Gusten Andlos's vocals also the main factor and dominate the ugly atmosphere from the demo, with rotten shriek directly from his rotten bowel, the sick deranged styles just give some special feeling listening to the demo. 

The musical and lyrics just offer an within disgusted and more obsession method, but the majority of the song are played in very shorted. These recently era, when the revival of Old School Death and plenty of band just pay homage to old classick sound of death and take an influences from the mighty AUTOPSY, it's pretty hard to deny their incarnation and to cut off what FUNEREALITY are doing and festering for, are the big mistake you've done. I'm glad "Flabby Folds of Flesh" Demo still sounded like previous FUNEREALITY stuffs and still worship the charred-disembowel and mind-blowing AUTOPSY's cadaver tunes. A lot of shitfun-work, sinking and shit on the grave environment from the demo on the run almost 10 minutes are really worthy for those dig all AUTOPSY's and FUNEREALITY works. 

The new demo are out in very super-limited-editions of 'home-dubb' tape, and I must say, I'm just a lucky person among the 13th deadhead who get the chances to hold FUNEREALITY new demo. "Flabby Folds of Flesh" Demo is a complete disgusting new work done Gusten Andlos and I hope there are label will re-release it's again in the future in pro-press cassette.  

Stay dead, and praise the AUTOPSY!