Retribution for the Dead : Dwoom "Pale Mare - Demo MMXVIII", The crushing doom of HM-2!

This maybe a reason why some people outhere prefer to live alone by itself. "If you have negative characteristics feel, they are very difficult to get ridden of because you tend to think that the world owes you a death for your work and are not being treated fairly to your kindness" UGH!

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Much say, I'm really dig all David Nilsson works with FERAL before. And to be more priceless here, FERAL 2nd full length album "Where Dead Dreams Dwell" still my longest running playlist after all. I'm really excited when I heard a news that, David Nilsson also one of the member beyond this Swedish "crushing" Doom Metal creation, DWOOM! To brief some history of DWOOM, the tales of creation already started back in 2010 around SkellefteƄ-tomb, Sweden. There will be a reason why the band takes a long times and years to produced their first stuff to the ground. Beside David Nilsson, there some members from FERAL like Viktor Klingstedt (Bass) / Markus Lindahl (Guitars) and also featured Gustav Lund from Blister Brigade on vocal departments. The final d(w)oom side look completed!

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"Pale Mare" demo opened by "Fallen Again" tracks and it's followed by a clean melo and solo guitars in the beginning, the clean-singing from the 80's era of Doom styles and the ruptured-chainsaw of Boss HM-2 provided all the dark atmosphere in the early side  of the demo. And of corpse! The crunchy tones HM-2 will be a red highlights in here. I might spotted some doses of old school Death Metal riff's and vocal styles (slowly attempt) through DWOOM song. The song structure look straighten-forward decomposition and got unbound with a weird-dark melodies. And there a trap I'll avoid, the classic(k)al music direction on the way of climax reaching on the song. Doomier enough for a little freaks like me! 

Great work on the riff's / solo / song melodies and perfectly mixed by Gustan Lund rough-voices slowly make the "Pale Mare" demo crushing the empty temples. This 17 minutes of groovy (buzzsaw) and epic crushing doom will approach your head down into the ground! The dark-delusional ideas that DWOOM created and the motion sick on "Pale Mare" demo will be a standstill place for the doomier to the dead fans to grab  and try to be regurgitate what some doom metal bands left from the past

With  a dark-occult and heavy sound production that came from the little HM-2, DWOOM managed build a very great mixture between (old) doom and old school Death Metal with this pedal monster and bringing up all the creation on the "Pale Mare" demo into another dimension of demon. 

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Bloodsoaked Records will unleash and unlock the DWOOM " "Pale Mare - Demo MMXVIII", in the end of June / 2017. Will be available in cassette, including a patch and mini poster and limited to 100 copies.

"Falling like flies, men, women, kings and beggars alike. In her trail there's panic, you survive, build coffin's, then famish. Envy those given death, who never saw aftermath. The reapers embrace seems kinds, when you witness what the mare left behind." 
- pale mare -