Be chrool to your scuel, and Gore to the Core! | Interview with Hugo Andremon / INNARDS

It's really good to dig a new 'visceral to the gore' old school Death Metal which represents this stinky and filthy old sound. The worthy successor for those dig all the feeling and atmosphere from the early 90's death metal landscape. To unleash the zombie, I managed to talk with Hugo Andremon, the former guitar of several Underground-Metal acts such as Grog, Simbiose, Filii Nigrantium Infernalium, The Sorcerer and Hellfuck, beyond the creation of INNARDS. Debut promo-demo that contains 3 'cannibal orgie' recording and putrid stench flavor soon will haunt you down and here Hugo Andremon talk about it's in more depth directly from Portugal gloomy graveyards. Only death is real!

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MIKA ROTTEN - “Olá, Demónio da Morte!”  It's really great to have you on this ugly web-site Hugo and sharing some macabre tales about the creation of INNARDS to us. With a pleasure of times, I give you a big space in here to introduce how INNARDS started back then and beside you who the 'ugly-person' that involved on this project too. 
HUGO ANDREMON - Innards was the best name we could come up with, which directly represents our musical approach. Something visceral! The band was formed by me, it took me 3 years to gather the right people for this project, as I played in many bands before (Grog, The Sorcerer, FIlii Nigrantium Infernalium, SImbiose, Hellfuck) and the majority of musicians in my area already had played with me before, so I was searching for new blood, to start a new thing. I knew our Bass Player for some years ago, he was playing in a Death/Grind act called Necrose and organizing a Death/Grind festival in his city called, Butchery At X-mas Time, where I played before with Grog. We talked about some new projects and the idea of making new music and he joined the band in February. Also found a drummer that time, but things didn’t work out after 4 months of rehearsals.

MIKA ROTTEN - By the way, did you know.. There are already a band that use "INNARDS" as a band names before? What's INNARDS meaning to yours?
HUGO ANDREMON - Yes we now that, but they are not active anymore and they do not make the same music as we do, so there are no chances of mistakes between bands 😊 Innards is something you feel in your guts, its Visceral, it’s part of you!

MIKA ROTTEN - Firstly, how the studio progress for the first stuff from INNARDS right now? I saw a news on your FB pages, that the band are searching for a new guitarist, did you already found the right man to handle all the putrid and stench flavor?
HUGO ANDREMON - Well, as I said before, we had some issues with our first drummer, but we managed to work with Rolando Barros, (drummer from Grog, that worked with me in The Sorcerer and Filii Nograntium Infernalium too) that helped us out and recorded the drum tracks for us. So, everything ended out pretty good! About the 2nd guitar, we didn’t found nobody yet, but I’m sure that when the demo will come out, we will get some contacts.

MIKA ROTTEN - Someone who loved the putrid and disgusting tunes of Old School Death definitely will loved what INNARDS try delivered. Tells us more about the upcoming promo that the bands work for and how many song you'll put on that release. 
HUGO ANDREMON - Our debut will be a 3 song promo or demo- Tape. About 16 minutes of pure oldschool Death Metal in the old vein of Death, Morgoth, Pestilence, Cancer, Massacre, etc It will be 16 minutes no-stop with intro, songs and outro. You will wanna listen to it in loop, over and over and over again!! If you’re really old school, prepare a Bic pen to rewind the tape several times

MIKA ROTTEN - I've listening some rehearsal tracks that you upload on your pages, it's totally mind blowing. Stench of heavy tunes and been fill up with a strongest song decomposition. Speaking beyond the bands inspiration, can you named a band that give the band the ugly-lights to embrace your Old School Death sound creations.
HUGO ANDREMON - Can’t just name one, but probably first 3 Death albums, 1st Deicide album, some oldschool thrash like Kreator’s Pleasure To Kill, I don't know I have several different influences, but mainly European 80’s thrash and late 80’s early 90’s Florida death metal.

MIKA ROTTEN - How the idea came, when creating a riff's for a song? 
HUGO ANDREMON - I can’t tell ya that for sure, bro! It depends, but it has to be oldschool and meaningful to me to be a good riff. Must tell a story, or provide an ambience, express a sensation, or a feeling...

MIKA ROTTEN - Lyrical approach and song de-composition are the big part that will dwell on the band's character. How you combine this part's and which one did you think are the mostly important for a band to push for.
HUGO ANDREMON - I think both are important, one complements the other. The issue is to know how to balance the instrumental and the vocals and what you wanna say and what you wanna express just in the music.

MIKA ROTTEN - Who's take in charge for the lyrical parts?
HUGO ANDREMON - To be honest, I’m taking charge of everything... Instrumental, production, writing and recording the instruments, even writing the drum- parts, with the technical support of Jorge Fernandes from SounScapes Studios where we are recording.

MIKA ROTTEN - I guess the band pretty much obsessed in terms of gore and horror subject regarding to the arts that I look in your pages. Gore, horror or death subject maybe the most easy subject or topic for us to wrote and take a inspirations. Generally, it's not a bored subject for you to dwell within? 
HUGO ANDREMON - Not boring, not at all! I’m always inspired to talk about the dead and the evil that grows inside a Man’s heart and soul. Also a passionate for Horror movies and Themes, so I’m playing home.

MIKA ROTTEN - Did you have any favourites horror-gore films? 
HUGO ANDREMON - Sure I had, and still have! Pet Cemetery, Evil Dead, Fright Night, Night Of The Living Dead, Demons, Night Of The Demon, In The Mouth Of Madness, John Carpenter, Stephen King, Hellraisers, Dario Argento, Lucio Fulci, etc 

MIKA ROTTEN - Your band logo look 'gore' enough to me! It's look like human rotten-bowel, terrifying and bloody-disgusting! Who did the logo and the arts for your upcoming release?
HUGO ANDREMON - Yes it is a nice Bowel Work! It was made by our friend Johan Anthonissen, from the old band Suhrim, and now singer of Marginal (Crust/Death Band from Belgium). The dude is a sick artist \m/ did the Logo and the Tape Cover Art!

MIKA ROTTEN - Regarding to your upcoming stuff that will cherish us in the future, did you already have a plan what format did you will release it's and any label records already approach you for that release?
HUGO ANDREMON - Yes we already can advance that the first 100 copies will be released in Tape. Full coloured Promo-Tape, with 3 killer songs, 16 minutes of pure Death Metal full of Maggots! Contract is still being written so, we can only advance that will be an American label.

MIKA ROTTEN - Releasing a stuff, doing some tour are the best moment you'll get playing in a band. What the next step all of us will see after your stuff will be unleash in the future?
HUGO ANDREMON - Its all that you said, my friend! We hope this will be the beginning of lots of shows and more releases, specially Long Plays!

MIKA ROTTEN - I'll cut our short conversation in here, thanks again for your times and it's very stoked to listen to your full release soon! Keep in touch Hugo.
HUGO ANDREMON - My pleasure, MIka! Thanks a lot for this opportunity to speak for our music, please be tuned to our FB page where you can see all the updates about our new release! Stay tuned!

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P/S : Stay tuned to us and we'll keep you updated about the final re-awakening for INNARDS debut releases. Visit INNARDS band fanpages to get more information and news. Spread this rotting-putrid-stench message and only death is fvcking real!