Critical Madness : NECRO-E "Assemblage of Emanated Embryo" Demo / Tape

It's quite interesting when Takashi Tanaka introduced the band directly to me back then, and I can't believed what the band was done almost 26 years ago totally never been banished in the rotting memory lane from some of us. Firstly, let's give a big rotting credit's to John from Von Frost Records to make this dream comes to dread. It's definitely a special exclusive re-issue that I think a 'must have' records for the old fans of this Japanese obscure and primitive Death/Doom and to all analog-demo-gravedigger! Thanks Takashi for hitting me up again with this tape.

"Assemblage of Emanated Embryo" demo was the band's second demo after the gore-birth of "Beginning of the Death" Demo in 1991, also the years when "Devoured Periphery" Demo was unleash too. It's not a quite mysterious and interesting when a band that already put 3 demo's in one year and after that recalled for the official split up? Only Minoru Kameizawa and Yoshio Hasegawa know the truth and I found some live footage of 'Oozing Child' on the Youtube, and it's totally a killer show and performances by the band and the crowds to be remember and just looking this old video I'm pretty sure it's was taken almost a decades ago. (Correct me if I'm wrong)

"Assemblage of Emanated Embryo" demo contains 12 songs definitely to be played in mostly low tunes of Death/Doom ways. From mid-tempo Death Metal to slower death/doom just give me a times to relax and embede(a)d my walk across the rotting carcass body. Also, there will be a huge putrid-stench of grind vibe was festered on this demo will puts you off constantly if you're not a fans for this style of rotting lo-fi productions. Some song just been slicing in very short of time, it's like you've just been left in gloomy graveyards, rotting decompose alone and eaten alive by the worms and you can spot that from the tracks 'Untamed Anathema', 'Unmerciful Mist', 'Shock on Intensities' and 'Mass Murder'. It's totally short and delivered a numerous obscure atmosphere or feels from the songs. I'm actually gotten some shock when listening to 'Unmerciful Mist', the Punk flavor and drum beat in the early of the song totally caught my ears. At the moment, I just recognised NEKRO-E actually put a very creative idea on each of the song and try approach the flavor with their own putrid style. Try listen to 'Assemblage of Emanated Embryo' tracks, the speaking style despite of growls beyond the chorus of the song probably the main highlight for me. Ha! Loved that tracks! Also the gloomy-filth melody on 'Beyond the Gates' and the outro-'Decaying the rain' just build up and reconjured the demo atmosphere.

From the mostly slow rotting low tune-paced on 'Under Destruction' tracks and to heavy-grinding death riff's from the 'Boiling Gore', NEKRO-E just put a really fvcking awesome demo back then and Von Frost Records probably put this ugly and disgusting demo in very special reissue-editions of pro-tape. The one in my hand are the brand new arts and layout was done by Mark Riddick. It's a yellow 'mustard' shell tape / cases and out in very limited 69 copies. There also have a 2nd version for this demo with the original art work and come out with high quality J-cards and it's only been press with black shell w/white cases and out in very limited to 31 copies only.

It's a good and killer reissue release both come from the label and the band. And looking how the label handling this reissue of NEKRO-E demo totally make me satisfied and fvcking happy forever!

Total classick!