Critical Madness : GRAVEWARDS "Subconscious Lobotomy" Demo / Tape

In other left-hand (path) there's a tons of most-talented unknown bands out there that are trying to do something fresh!  And nowdays, it's really good to see what going around the Death Metal-Underground scenes. Of corpse! now we are getting floored with Swedish Death Metal clones/tribute bands but I pretty guess it's regurgitation from the past how this things started back then. Along my walk into the river of death, I just found another quite potential and hardworking quarter Old School Death Metal band that you need to seek after this!

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Rotting away from Athens, Greece!

The macabre tales of GRAVEWARDS started back in 2015 when the choir of death has singing down by the death-ripper, and there was Niko (Vocal / Guitar), Fotis (Bass) and Vasilis (Drum) hold tight their passion and aiming to delivered their own style of DEATH METAL towards the madness! The macabre tales never tell us the lies... here we're representing the first debut demo by GRAVEWARDS! 

GRAVEWARDS drawn (in blood) all the dark atmosphere from "Subconscious Lobotomy" Demo with a surprisingly and variety of music structure. Generally, GRAVEWARDS represents Old School Death Metal in many varied ways with their own styles. Among the filth tunes, you can spotted some technical or melo-thrash metal riff's floored on the band song. It's quite interesting or may average sounded for someone who loved the "simple-straight forward" stuff like me, but believed me it's turn out very freshly when a lot of non-complex elements or not even much "fvcking brutal technical" parts has crushing from beginning of the demo when you played it's. There are only four tracks on the long duration "20 : + + minutes" on "Subconscious Lobotomy" Demo, and GRAVEWARD definitely will give you a dozen of quality from their music. Track like "Crawling Chaos" contained such a very heavy rotting-riffs, mid-temp of beat and disastrous bass-monger  that I think can providing you the final completely of macabre death metal. Each song from the demo has something to offer and coloring the path onto a different ways. Also, all the tracks from "Subconscious Lobotomy" Demo already proved how good musicianship GRAVEWARDS have!

And... just like how good GRAVEWARDS dismembered their music alongside a different kinds mix of elements, in other darkside Niko just slaughter his throat with a nicely monster-growl. I really like how Niko's singing and it's remember me a voices from Tomi Koivusaari from Amorphis and John Tardy from Obituary. You know that monster-growls from “Tales from the Thousand Lakes”? or "Slowly We Rot" album? 

To wrath all, this demo straightly ruptured a heavy-grooves and slice decompose from  Old Death Metal period, On other way, which I think it's totally perfect for the band to record all the tracks in proper studio. Just thanks to Made In Hell studio, the final result will describe how good the sound have been produced! I'm really impressive when I got a chances to listen the "Subconscious Lobotomy" Demo and it will be exciting to see what GRAVEWARDS will offering and satisfy again my filthy music tastes in the future!

Favourites song from the demo? 
Crawling Chaos and Deathwomb Incubation! And, just one words to describe my feeling towards that song, 


Check out another featured track from "Subconscious Lobotomy" Demo, in here and heading towards to GRAVEWARDS pages to grab your copy! Endless of death, check out another cool video from Vojtech Moonroot in the way of making for "Subconscious Lobotomy" Demo cover art. Just click in here.

Screams Of Terror From Beyond