Critical Madness : PUTRID TORSO "Grave Desecrating Ritual" Full Length-Album / CD

The Ghouls Of The Graveyards

We near to end rotting completed in 2017, and a lot of sick stuff still haunted me down on this last few months and there's always something will blew my mind when it's comes to wrote about Old School Death Metal release. It's no matter if the band are doing something similar and just recycles the path again or even digging up yours old memories from the past as long it's quite interesting and worship the real tunes of death. And, I'm still saving my deadbrains for something more dark, ugly and filthy of Death Metal. The graveyard of dead that fulfilled with flesh-eaten rotting zombie!

Horror from the graveyards!!
PUTRID TORSO, definitely a braindead idea coming from Thomas Prasser. Thomas Prasser always wanting to delivered more rotten, sick and heavy stuff of old Death Metal. If we walked under the gloomy-unlights before, we can see Thomas Prasser work with several Black/Death band or project such like Goatthroat, Heretic Deathcult, Obscurys, Ruins of Unlight and Old Skull. And with PUTRID TORSO back from the long dead rotting hiatus right now, let's seek for more rotting old death stuff in the future from him. There are some familiar name beyond the creation of "Grave Desecrating Ritual" Album, some of them are Rogga Johansson from Paganizer etc that put his effort beyond the vocal section, Jan Psyander Withney / JDW-DEATH My Only Friends and Marc / Artwars mediadesign that make the CD booklet look horrifying and terrifying sick enough with killer arts and layout to my eyes and just look how thick the CD booklet make me smile how importance this first releases of PUTRID TORSO to them. 

PUTRID TORSO "Grave Desecrating Ritual" Album was for sure another most expected old school death stuff that coming out in 2017. With 8 tracks of ugly death tunes alongside the horror sample intro that may sounded someone digging the old graves and collected the dead body. It's quite interesting how the intro from this album slowly make my mood increased to death and need more dose of horror and thrill-suspense melo-touch. The first song is just killer, "The Ghoul Of Graveyards" with rotting and crunchy riff's barely open my head straightly with some old flavor from Swedish Death before "A Morbid Rising" show more aggression towards the song decompose and structure. The first-two tracks from this album show same death metal groovy-laden touch but in different kind of fast and slow atmosphere and also the guitar tones from Thomas Prasser that sounded fat and disgusting enough and Lille beyond the dead-beat drumming just show how excellent this two guy work together for this album. I've much enjoy the opening riff's in "A Crypt To Keep" and a screaming effort from Rogga in the early of "Towards The Cemetary" song, it's totally fvcking creepy-monster voices. As the CD still spinning off on my player, I spotted some interesting quite changing paced between "The Boneless Crawlers" and
"Collector of Zombies" song. The paced approach becoming more disgusting and filthy heavy which I think came with horror melodies and lyrics and suddenly swirling my head to the wall, it's a friendly-headbanger song and the feels from this tracks totally fvcking awesome! And the combination between Thomas, Lille and Rogga probably hit the high pitch on the last song from this album, "Midnight Mousoleum". It's quite grotesque-heavy than the previous song and get all the lost rotting component rejoin and mixed well together on the final runs of  "Grave Desecrating Ritual" Album. 

It's quite interesting when came to pick my favorites tracks from "Grave Desecrating Ritual" Album seem I'm really enjoy all the sick and heavy tunes from this album. With uglier and stinky of old sound production but in very advanced way, the album just showed how old death metal formation works with simple straight forward structure and lyrics, and with brilliant guitar work by Thomas, the sound of ripping snare beyond Lille drum-seat and deep monster howling from Rogga the album just cherish the zombie ritual ceremony. Also, the rotting credits must goes to Tribulacion Production and Epidemia Records for putting this excellent work by PUTRID TORSO in very awesome CD publication. It's a recommend(a)d stuff ?? Yes for sure! and for those dwell the horror and ugly feel of Old School Death Metal, PUTRID TORSO another band you shouldn't miss. 

Horror of Death