Robbing The Grave : FUNEREALITY interview


MIKA ROTTEN : Welcome to my rotting fanzine Joachim !! Before we start our doomy death interview can you tell me more about your lifetime doing OR work.
JOACHIM : Not much to tell really, I've had a bunch of crappy jobs and now I'm a railroadworker which is great. When I don't work I play/listen to music, spend time with my wife and cats and what not.

MIKA ROTTEN : So lets start with some rotting basic info about the birth of the death of Funereality history? Did you actually play all the instruments on the 1st demo and the 2nd demo? How about playing live on stage?
JOACHIM : Funereality got started because I wanted to play death metal just like Autopsy, simple as that. Yes, I play all the instruments and do all the "singing" as well. Funereality is a one-man-band and will remain as such until I can find suitable members (or just members, period). I´d love to be able to do live shows but since I can't find bandmembers that is out of the question.

MIKA ROTTENFunereality in the veins between Nirvana 2002, Nihilist and of corpse Autopsy!! Inside the cover of Funereality 2nd demos tape, Leeches, ive seen on your thanklist and your worship about this band, the mighty Autopsy, why are you choose to worship this band and put some slowly-doom-death Autopsy music into Funereality music.
JOACHIM  Why I worship Autopsy? Because they are the essence of death metal, they are THE greatest death metal band of all time.

MIKA ROTTEN : Why you choose to name you band as Funereality ?? Its something deeper mean behind this name to you? And of course Autopsy have a song called “Funereality” too!! Did you take this Autopsy song title to put as you band name
JOACHIM : The reason I chose the name is very simple, it's a great song by a great band and the word itself is kind of wordplay which I like.

MIKA ROTTEN :  In ‘Leeches’ demo tape, you’ve put one cover song from Hardcore/punk band, Poison Idea.. and the trax call ‘Think Twice’. How do you get idea to put this song to your demos? The arrangement of music for this trax totally killer!! Do you also into Hardcore/Crust/Punk stuff ?
JOACHIM I love hardcore, crust and anarcho punk. The reason for doing punk covers is because I believe the punk attitude and feel is important when creating good death metal. The covers I do are also homages to great bands.

MIKA ROTTEN : Death Invocation just released Funereality 2nd demo ‘Leeches’ on tape cassette. Why did you choose this label? Maybe in the future we can look Funereality released their stuff on cd or vinyl maybe?
JOACHIM I chose DIR because the guy did a good job on my first demo and I feel comfortable with him releasing my demos. Yes, I´d love a vinyl release but I´ve an MCD coming out sometime in this year maybe on polish Hellthrasher Productions.

MIKA ROTTEN : Funereality is far away from classic Swedish Death Metal Sound, many bands hailing from this country came out with similar sounds, I mean this little pedal ‘monster’ box, Boss HM-2 sound. Im really into this kind also. Do you want people out there to label Funereality is a Swedish Death Metal band but without classic ‘buzzsaw’ tune of Boss HM-2 ?
JOACHIM No, Funereality is obviously not in the typical swedish death metal group. The thing that makes Funereality swedish death metal is the fact that I live in Sweden.

MIKA ROTTEN : Can I say.. Funereality is a Swedish Death Metal band in the American veins ?
JOACHIM Hahaha, but you can say Funereality is a swedish death-metal band that sounds like Autopsy. I honestly feel that Autopsy can't be grouped up with the other american death-metal bands. To me, Autopsy has a style that is completely their own and not at all like other american death metal bands. Autopsy has something rare in death-metal and that is a certain feel or atmosphere. It's not the same feel of course but kind of like you might say a lot of black metal bands have a certain feel or atmosphere. Immolation is another band that often manages to get a lot of atmosphere and feel to their music unlike bands like... oh, I don't know... Cannibal Corpse, Hate Eternal, Devourment, Necrophagist and a lot of other bands that are all about being brutal and technical. You can't build great songs and music on technical brilliance, that's why The Ramones are way more well known than Yngwie Malmsteen. They made SONGS instead of showing off.

MIKA ROTTEN : Tell me more about Funereality 1st demo “Funeral For A Fuck”… What you favourite trax on this demo? And why you choose that trax?? Im really like “Master of the fouls arts” and of cos the “funeral for a fuck” trax too. Im really love the slow-death riff and your killers ‘urgghhh’ vocal style. 
JOACHIM Well the first demo is in my opinion kind of half-baked. The title-track sucks in my honest opinion and the last song is something I just made up then and there because another track I had intended to record didn't seem right. Master of the foul arts is the best song and most well-written of the songs on the first demo. At the time I only had three tracks that fit the style I wanted, more or less, and a bunch of songs that sounded exactly like a retarded Entombed and I don't want to be another swedish death-metal band so I just recorded the only songs I had that felt right.

MIKA ROTTEN : Its hard and difficult to someone doing/record all the guitar, bass, drum and vocal trax alone. And you success doing all this alone!! Congrats man!! 
JOACHIM I don't really thinks it's that hard, the only downside is that it takes a lot of time especially since I do the set-up of the microphones and everything else myself as well. The thing I really like about recording is hearing the songs get built up layer by layer and to see where the songs go, sometimes I go in with a fixed idea and end up with something else so it's kind of exciting as well. Thanks for the compliment, just doing my best to create something honest without hiding behind trigged drums, pitch-shifters and metronomes. Not that I mind people using metronomes, I just feel more free withouth that clicking.

 "I honestly feel that Autopsy can't be grouped up with the other american death-metal bands. To me, Autopsy has a style that is completely their own and not at all like other american death metal bands. Autopsy has something rare in death-metal and that is a certain feel or atmosphere. It's not the same feel of course but kind of like you might say a lot of black metal bands have a certain feel or atmosphere. "

MIKA ROTTEN : Any good news from Funereality after released the 2 demos, when the new material will come out ? any feature plan about tour ?
JOACHIM Still no tours since it's a one-mand-band. Got some songs ready to record when I get the time for it.

MIKA ROTTEN : How Landskrona metal scene today? Do you want to mentioned any good band/fanzine/label from this place to the all readers of my rotting fanzine?
JOACHIM Landskrona has virtually no metal scene of quality... a lot of dumb kids playing mallcore crap. There are some good musicians of course but that's hardly important. The Forsaken are from Landskrona same as the punk band The Bristles and also The Negatives in case you have missed them.

MIKA ROTTEN : Orait, here we go… I know you are the Autopsy maniax same like me. Can you list up your Autopsy favourite released.. ?? and what your comment between the “Macabre Eternal” album and the new one, the “Headless Ritual” albums?
JOACHIM These are my favourite Autopsy albums, no particular order;
Severed Survival
Mental Funeral
Acts Of The Unspeakable
Macabre Eternal
Headless Ritual

Besides their albums I also like all of their EPs and demos.Both albums are great, that's my only comment.

MIKA ROTTEN : Can you share to the readers your full band contact .. did you still use snail-mail style ? Yeah I know this is a old style to communicate to others metal-freaks in the outside, but you can feel the spirit of metal in there.. write letter, order, spread the flyers, promote stuff etc.. its fun man !!
JOACHIM I'd rather give my address to people who I have some kind of personal contact with, just write to me at my e-mail or facebook or whatever. I do agree however that snail-mail has a lot of charm and it feels nice to recieve letters and stuff.

MIKA ROTTEN : Thanx Joachim to take a part in my rotting fanzine, thanx for your answer !! Anything you want to add before we go ? Stay dead and stay Autopsy!
JOACHIM Don't sniff glue. If you're going to use drugs, use real drugs.

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