Critical Madness : Unseen "Nightreaper" EP tape

Since the breakthrough of "Hymn to Your God" into the pits of Indonesian death cemeteries back in 2012 by Exhumation, and the awakening of rotting label run by Mas Bagus Sukmawan, Morbid Bastard Records, my own imagination about their obscure, raw, morbid and rotting underground scenes can be more bigger and growed from time to time become a reality and it's already happen. It's totally choked my tongue, my head was pointed by the driller and sliced me from a apart in meat grinder machines. 

Of corpse! We don't talk about Indonesian death 'brutal/technical' or 'slamming' scenes here. 👾

+ +

There was a creepy tales was never untold by the old people. The tales has haunted and giving a nightmare around the Yogyakarta cemeteries, the ghouls was arise after the black night witchery opened up the book of morbid-horror-craft and put a magic spell into the blind tomb of living dead. The ghoul was called by the names, UNSEEN. The poisonous air bleaching into the sorrow midnights and almost 3 years ago, UNSEEN successful broke up the chain of death with their crushing, disgusting and morbid-raw to the bones debut demo. Two tracks in most stenching tunes of death, sometimes it's make us feel and trapped around the cross boxes and surrounding by a thousand unlighted chamber to faced the blackness of the night melodies. Just loved their debut demo! 

+ + +

The bell of ancient death on "Nightreaper" EP opened by darkness mellow-grim instrumental, and sometimes I got a goosebumps around my neck. The gloomy atmospheres and the creepy-horror-evillish voices from the darkside of hell started to singing the mass death anthem on the "Under The Death's Scythe" and suddenly you can fell all their grim-melodies spread like a winds in one heavy-straight crushing riff's guitars, it's already blew me up! Somehow, and over the haunted places, I can hears some groovy and ripping flesh to the bones slaughtered in Red from their riff's. It's not complicated structure to rebuild or maybe to raise the undead but it's really creative songwriting with simple straight decomposing from their own grave. Just pure classick with their own signature! 

To feed and cherish the blackened nights, the grinding and slower drums 'hell-orchestra' beat was played by the forgotten ghouls, it's totally strike all the night around the darkness crossroad. And of corpse! the unforgiven words to the man that sliced his own throat and thrown his growl-shrek inside the 7th hell of doom. Devastating and pure evil energetic of the stinky head-ritual ghoulish! Some tracks like "Black Magic Night", "Kiss Of Death" or the crushing tracks highlights on this EP, "Nightreaper" was unbounded with some black magic spell and keep the lovercraftian smiles over the coffins. 

"Nightreaper" EP, totally laying alone in fronts of mass-chaos cemeteries with their morbid sound productions and their really good in terms of writing and decomposing a song. It's also the main tombs-factor that you couldn't mess with them. Solid performances from each quarter of instrument's, that you can't deny how good their do a homework's and delivering their rotten souls to the black night witchery and incomplete to be buried on black of death boxes. 

The EP was released by Morbid Bastard Records, and it's really good stuff, killer bands and to make it's more favor, their have own horror-creatures and character and less of the death, if you wanna changing your tastes of Metal by Death tunes, just look into the darkside of Indonesian rotten tombs and there will be, UNSEEN. And the evil-ghouls was ready to sing yours almost 15 minutes a dead hell-choirs of blackened death tunes massacre!