Robbing The Grave : When life has ceased and the manifestation of horror and death - PUTRID YELL interview

Somewhere on the otherside of rotting maps, there always a good Death Metal bands hailing deep from the rotting of the forgotten tombs. Basically from Chilean DM-underground scenes. Some of them are PUTRID YELL. 5 rotten-deadhead obsessed by the dark horror of Svenska Dodsmetall - buzzsaw tunes. "When Life Has Ceased" demo probably one of the best Death Metal demo you should have on your collection of death! The simply-forward song structure, buzzsaw downtuned,crunchy and heavy rotting riff's and the rawness of sound productions would take you back into the ancient times of Swedish Death Metal glorious era. 

Last but not rotten least, the door of death is already opened and join me with Rod Nihilist rotting in horror-stinky graveyards!

MIKA ROTTEN - Greetings from Malaysia Rod, and Hails to Putrid Yell! So far how life goes ‘rot’ in the capital city of dead, Chile? If you don’t mind please share a little bit about your country.
ROD NIHILIST - Cheers, Mika! Thank you for your interest with the band. Here in Chile all is out of control. Corrupted politicians, social injustice, outrageous and ludicrous inequity, all this under an egregious capitalism. In a nutshell, all here is a shit. This country is becoming more rotten everyday, we are the worst USA’s experimentation

I might say, Chilean underground scene already takes the baton of death metal on this world. No doubt about its. Its good to see many “death metal bastard” coming out from different country. How about the scene there, still death metal music have their own follower or fans today?
Yes, being honest I say the same that you said. Chilean Metal has been always controversial out of our country, specially with the Death Metal music. Examples from the past as Pentagram, Death Yell, Sadism, Atomic Aggressor, and from the present as Godless, Unausprechichen Kulten, Ancient Crypts, Ripper, etc, it’s awesome, so be it. Nowadays here is lived since some years a reborn of the Death Metal’s scene as powerful as in 80´s and 90’s, with a lot of bands coming from the capital and of course so strong in Chilean country parts, with a huge strength! Nationally the Thrash Metal and Black Thrash still are powerful subgenres, but internationally the Death Metal is being really yielding a lot of comments, as the national Heavy Metal.

MIKA ROTTEN - Lets digging some “horrorific-nihilism” moments when the bands reform back in 2011, how the bands started and please share to us why you’ll choose to play “death metal to the rot” in the veins of “old” Entombed? At least the sounds are really similar to this band for me. 
ROD NIHILIST - The band began at late 2011 with a slow work, building concepts, and some demotapes of songs to see where we were going, but in 2012 we worked hard and released our first promo. The band emerged just for necessity of doing Death Metal as the classic ones, with a violent way, filthy, and with an old smell.  Where we live there were not almost no one Death Metal band, only Black Thrash, Thrash, Speed Metal, etc. So we were aiming do something different of what was done here. Always and even today is a difficult task, as not all understand how doing Death Metal, as is much different than the subgenres already mentioned. About the similarity with Entombed, I think that is because our sound is guided by the double pedal that I use (HM-2), but honestly I don’t feel a similarity with Entombed’s sound, and if it was like that, I will feel flattered. I feel that we can sound more similar as Dismember or God Macabre.

After rehearsal and find a good tunes for your debut releases, Putrid Yell successes to releasing the “PROMO MMXII” back in 2012. Its out in very limited copies of Cd-r, I thought its only printed on 50 copies only around this rotting globe. Correct me if im wrong about the info. How the underground scene especially on your place response about this debut releases?
ROD NIHILIST - To be honest, we released the promo because we are anxious. I edited 50 copies in a CD-R with photocopies and writing with a typewriter machine hahaha. Those copies were all  handed out and given away in an event in Santiago where were playing bands as Miserycore, Unholy Force, Necroripper, and Attacker Bloody Axe. I really do not know about the public’s answer for a so limited releasing. I only know that nowadays there are people who search anxiously for this tape, regardless the poor and mediocre sound hahaha. Some people like it, other don’t.

MIKA ROTTEN - Lets move to the influenced that bring Putrid Yell to the infront of the death. Do you still believed that Entombed are the godfather of Swedish death metal? And if we look today, many band start to pull their song with this little peal monster Boss HM-2. Do you believed this is kind of trends or the re-awakening of buzzsaw downtunes of Svenska Dodsmetall?
ROD NIHILIST - In my opinion, without a doubt they are the Sweden Death Metal’s fathers. Even though for a time MORBID can be “more fathers” than they, or think in NIHILIST as the same, inasmuch as they were previous. What you said about bands which begin using that already mentioned pedal is right, but here in Chile are only few bands that use it, at least the ones that I have understanding, counted by the fingers in my hand. As I told you, here our sound is not so demanded as out from here. Maybe is a tendency or maybe not, the truth is that this is not a topic that concern me. I am not interested in being authentic inside the universe where all is already created, I am purely interested in doing violent Death Metal, fast, and corrosive as in the old times.

MIKA ROTTEN - Seem Putrid Yell into “death, gore, murder, horror and nihilism” lyrical theme. What the major influenced or idea when your writing and composing the song from Putrid Yell? It’s a easy deal with this kind of thing for you? 
ROD NIHILIST - Honestly, the thing is that in the beginning the biggest influence en the lyrics were old horror films, or horror literature. To us were easy as we took stories or films that to us were great, and we developed lyrics, but nowadays we are changing a little bit the direction about this. Might as a matter of time we will end doing social criticism as Napalm Death, or writing about science fiction, who knows?

MIKA ROTTEN - Your second demo coming out back in 2013 under Ad Baculum recs. “WHEN LIFE HAS CHEASED”, the demo titles look similar to Nihilist’s song from Drowned demo season. I give you pleasure of times to share something when the demo recordead and please sharing to the readers how this demo goes by that times?
ROD NIHILIST - I want to clarify that “When life has ceased” is officially our first demo. The promo is only this, a promo. Yes, the title is a way of honouring the old ones, from the aesthetic of the demo up to the sound. The demo was hard to release, it were months  with problems in recording, bur finally it was released. As it took a long time, it generated great expectations. When it was released we ran out of copies in only 3 weeks or a month maximum, later on we didn’t have more copies. I remember of an event where our bass player started selling the demo tape and a huge queue was formed only to buy the cassette hahaha. I think the demo had a great circulation here in Chile, as the copies were just a few,  since today there are people searching for copies. For this reason we contacted Pech from Unholy Domain for being reediting the demo and do an European distribution of it, because for us was a really important point to put our marksmanship to other countries and this had a result, thanks to Pech’s distribution our demo sounded in lots of underground radios in whole Europe. And also some fanzines knew about us and this is his responsibility. A great cheers for him and we are UTTERLY grateful for all!

MIKA ROTTEN - I don’t get any chance to get this release thru Ad Baculum rec, but big hugs to Pech from Unholy Domain recs because sending me this demos. Yeah, it’s the re-press version of your 2nd demo from this Italian label. Better late than rot never, Rod! So, what do you think about this label and whats death-dealer goes from this label to releasing back your 
second demo?
ROD NIHILIST - As I already mentioned, to me UNHOLY DOMAIN is one of the bests labels that we have seen. They did great efforts as distributing the material that they edit has a great quality and furthermore Pech understand is a guy with a great understanding in the Death Metal music. I recommend eternally to support this label and its great labor to keep the flame of the old Death Metal and keep editing old bands and new bands of the veritable Death Metal.

MIKA ROTTEN - “WHEN LIFE HAS CHEASED”, got a good reviews when its out from the grave. Raw and directly simply forward death metal tunes with catchy and heavy songs. Its also got credits from Voices From The Darkside. Its look the bands don’t look back anymore and keep the ‘flag of death’ rise and keep a rise! I think its give the world DM-underground scenes alert that Chile already have their own ‘Carnage/Entombed” bastard. Do you satisfied the final result from this demo? 
ROD NIHILIST - Thank you for your words! Things like this motivate us to continue advancing and know that the band is appreciated outside our country. And being honest about Voices From the Dark Side: we are impressed! It was a big surprise know that they like the demo. Personally, I am satisfied with the result, and I would like if I could develop better in the voices, as I had to took this area in an utter hurry as our first vocalist left us and we had to continue. Some guys of the band are not satisfied with the result, but the truth is that to me is good as hell.

MIKA ROTTEN - For me, I don’t know how much I love your 2nd demos. It’s a great stuff to listen everyday. No doubt about its! I'm not close-minded music listener. It’s contains a mix flavor between Punk and Death Metal. The firstly I put “WHEN LIFE HAS CHEASED” demo tape in my tape player, the Punk taste already smell outs. I love to much the d-beat drum your do on your songs. Don’t get me wrong about its. Do you believe Punk are the roots of Metal music?
ROD NIHILIST - hahahaha, there is no room for misinterpretation, buddy. We really like punk music, d-beat, and crust, and more, as you mentioned that this influenced our music, it happened to other bands as Discharge in the Carnage’s music, for example. At this very point you can notice the difference between the Old School Death Metal and the conventional Death metal: by the way that you can notice the influences, as an example: the Hardcore-Punk. At least we don’t have any shame about this root and we wish that it will prevail alive! As an anecdote, when our band was starting some asinine people said that we don’t play Metal, although we “play d-beat” and for this reason we “suck” and we don’t have any “value” hahahaa. But that’s ok, this was never our concern.

MIKA ROTTEN - How do you feel after Putrid Yell play together on same stage with the mighty Asphyx last years on Santiago? Any Europe death-tour been planning so far from all of you? I might think this is the correct times to pack your “bags of the dead” to goes out and play in other country and meet your fans there. Its will be good times 
ROD NIHILIST - The experience of sharing stage with ASPHYX was unforgettable. When we knew them, they look really humble and took photos with us. More than this, before have started playing we invited them to watch our presentation and they do. I don’t know if they were enthusiastic about, but they were in the backstage watching our performance. A big surprise that I had was that while we were playing, I suddenly noticed Will Aggressor greeting someone in his side, and then I looked and realised that Martin Van Drunen and Stefan Huskens were utterly crazy with our song and doing headbanging… an utter surprise and as a matter of fact was difficult to me to continue playing hahahaha, but later on I continued with more enthusiasm. While I was leaving the stage there were the whole ASPHYX waiting for us to congratulate us  and flatter our presentation, because they were happy for have seeing an Old School Death Metal band from so far away. Stefan and Martin were asking us to take photos with them and also asking for Putrid Yell’s material, because according to them, they can’t leave the country without any copy of any release of our band. It was awesome.
About a tour through Europe, of course we have planned. For late 2016 or early 2017 we are aiming to be recording our debut album and with it wait for the help of all our European friends to achieve some dates through Europe and do something as a “mini-tour”, at least to promote our first album. We wait that for this very moment you there do all the possible for this travel mentioned, and this “mini-tour” become reality as everyone would like it.

MIKA ROTTEN - Beside Putrid Yell, Chile also got another killer and cool bands ever existing in underground scenes so far, EATEN ALIVE. I still remember when I got their first and second demos tape, its really make me shocked and believed that Chilean underground scene really know how to make a good death metal bands! And its look fantastic when the “VICIOUS MANIFESTATION OF HORROR AND DEATH” 7” out from Iron Bonehead prod. Whats a killer split from two killer death metal bastard ever existing. Please tell us more about this band also how this split happens?  I'm already sent a mail to this band but never got response so far. 
ROD NIHILIST - I can tell you something about Eaten Alive. I think that after their presentation in the Asphyx’s concert they disbanded only for the vocalist’s disinterest to continue with the band. I don’t know if they plan to edit the album they recorded or not, it’s not my responsibility clarify this kind of stuff, but anyway, a great salute to my friends Kenny and Matias, who are who have  lived for this band! The intention of editing that split with them was due to the fact that at that very moment I had a good agreement with Enrique, and we wanted to ally with the purpose of concrete a split together. It’s a pity that with the time this good relation started disbanding. Nevertheless, I like so much the split, wether the Putrid Yell’s song or the Eaten Alive’s song.

MIKA ROTTEN - So far if we look in the previous years, do already smile what Putrid Yell already archieves? Play onstage, releasing your stuff and have your own diehard fans. This is not the end of left-hand-path journey from one of Chilean death metal rebel, Putrid Yell rite? Any news so far about the new releases from Putrid Yell?
ROD NIHILIST - I feel that the band achieved some significant things with the years, maybe recently we are feeling that we are not a new band from the masses, we have advanced and we are aiming to continue achieving goals. We were the first band of the Chilean Fifth Region (place where we live) and we are proud of it. I don’t know if we have something as fanatics for our music, but there are lots of people focused on what we will do and that go to watch us in a live performance, an eternal thank you to them, our fans, and contacts from other countries; without you this will be not possible and certainly we are willing to never interrupt the contact. Salutations to Pech (Unholy Domain),  Patrick (Iron Bonehead), Marc (Carnal Tomb), Erik (Under the Church), Stefan y Martin (Asphyx), Yusef,  Jason and David (Rude), Patrik (Gravebomb), Maso (Funest), Ricardo  (Crypts of Eternity), Bagus (Morbid Bastard Recs) and an endless ETC.

MIKA ROTTEN - We might goes to the end completes but life goes on Rod, anyway thanks for your times to reply this interview. Have a nice death!
ROD NIHILIST - Thank you for this space again, Mika. Thank you for the interest in PUTRID YELL, any query you can contact our page. I wish with the time we will be able to meet each other and share either some beers or a little weed hahaha. Continue with DISCARNAGE FANZINE until your life have extinguished! DEATH METAL VICTORY

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P/S : All photos includes on this interview are belong to the bands, and all credits to all photographer, you take a nicely good picture shoot of the most rotting bands on the earth! Death will prevails!