Critical Madness : Morbus Grave "Throne Of Disgust" demo tape

Anyone can remember what happened back in early 90's somewhere the Italian underground scenes? Can anyone figure it's out for me? Hits me up via email ! I need a fully reports for my thesis :)

Nowdays, if we talk about the Italian DM undergrounds, some band might goes rotting on the paper list. And, of corpse! the list only contained the more pure sickest, dark-raw of old Death by Metal bands ever existed in Italian rotting lands today's. Some bands like Gravesite, Funest, Morbo, Into Darkness or the mighty Necro probably make and releasing a sick demo tape few years ago. And to end up this longest intro, here I give you another stinky-smell-brief about the other sickos, disgusting, total mutilated DM bastards from Milan, Italy 

Morbus Grave !!!
Morbus Grave !!!

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The band was spawned in 2010 by and Erman, and probably the "Throne Of Disgust" demo was released by the Italian sickest records label, Unholy Domains Records before, only the first records this bands was unleashed till the days still counted. Unforgettable season, if you like the old Darkthrone or maybe Death and remember only the sickest among us will survived during the decomposition process, just like Morbus Grave!

Honestly, the smell of rotting process on "Throne Of Disgust" demo are really stinky and pure devastating, horror intro that definitely influenced from some Italian horror movies, some good ripping-rotting riff's can be caught here and there and the perfects clicks on the small holes already fill up with a dark-mutilated by Erman, sometimes it's turn in very good combination between 1/2 phrase or intro from each of their songs. Unlike the previous tracks, the third slaughter tracks from the demo, "Descent Into Dark Abyss" contained a very catchy-crunchy-groovenomous riff's and been added with some doomy parts and what's really got my ear totally the cover song that their put on the next tracks, it's totally full with bloody-screaming lead by the Erman voices. I'm really like how Erman growling-grunted all the tracks on this demo with his own sickest styles, and it's really interested parts to be featured to all bands out there, especially the lead singers, how you should sinking (singing) yours voices in disgusting way.  

I'm just ende(a)d up my boring Sunday with my favourites DM demo spinning tracks by tracks , and there always be "Throne Of Disgust" demo on top of my rotten list demo favourites spinning and walked beside me along the journey into the left-hand-path of death. To speak it's louded into the corridor of death corpses, "Throne Of Disgust" demo are among the macabre-sinister rawness path that sounding directly and nailing from Italian DM rotting graveyards with the tag of mostly underrated DM-demo in 2015, heavy-stinky-rotting tunes, and putrid cadaver voices. Just pure sick among all the rotting tunes! Orgasm!

And, no need to end up this pursuits of nothingness beside you're the lover of analog tapes, you can directly hit the bands for the copy or just throw your 'disgusting' orders thru Unholy Domains Records. You'll be a lucky-boy if the demo still available from them.

P/S : Last for today, don't forget to check "Drowning By Nightmares" tracks from the demo, the solo guitars by Maso Alastor in the end of the tracks totally caught my ears. And here some live rotting footages Arrghhhhhh!!!!