Retribution for the Dead : Into the incorporeal autopsy of "Nameless Hideous Manifestations"

It's always become a great result when you try yours best to look into the otherside of this rotting-earth and try searching another DM bands paying a homage to old Dodsmetall tunes. Sometimes, there will be a huge and thick concrete walls will stand there and blocked yours way into the horror beyond of death-path, and you'll break it's using your own fist just to make your own way into this path. 

Chile! A country that never disappointed me when came to terms of DM in raw-rotting tunes and style, a doses of morbidity and putrid disease mangle around this places and few bands arise from here before already put their own tombstone in the real stinky of DM cemeteries around the maps. And, the keeper of horror-gates will keep the atmosphere more obscure and darkest as always, and thousand of rotten-maggot craving and crawled on the rotting corpses! 

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For the second "death" here after the re-awakening of "Revelations" EP and the horrorcraft tales that SOULROT created back in 2014 with their raw-crushing debut demo "Horrors From Beyond" finally reach the high volume on almost thirty-three minutes on "Nameless Hideous Manifestations" albums, and I'll say this is a long-awaits for all HM-2 chainsaw and Swedish Death Metal sound worshipper been waiting on this years. No compromise! This is Old Dodsmetall crawling and nailing deepest from the rotting grave! UGH!

The incorporeal autopsy of "Nameless Hideous Manifestations" opened by a gloomy melo-death and fill up with a "death-breath" voices on the opening tracks, and you guess it's only stand for few seconds before the chainsaw sound of BOSS HM-2 burst into the atmosphere on the albums and before J.L Olmos slicing the riff's on "Those Who Dwell in the Abyss". It's nicely opens up the dirty putrid and stench feeling towards the albums and beyond the strongest and most solid sound production, and it's also the death-reason I think why Memento Mori one of the killer records label stand strong for a years by years, it's a good choice of releases by the label records, from the bands into the albums! And also must be includes, everything looking rotting good from the fronts arts, the colour tones what Juanjo Castellano pick for the albums totally suits and compact with the bands!

There are thousand doses of stunning rotting riff's can be founded on their songs, the prelude of the old vibe of Carcass / Entombed / Autopsy / Dismember on the song can't be deny, all the influenced from the old days disembowel and been grinding into their own coffins-creatures and styles. And a big credits to drum beat attack and the no mercy grunted-growl voices. All the mix become one great turning points for the whole albums, sometimes the fast-grinding tempo that their created make me can't catch their runs, and it's like I was left behind in the darkest streets and eating by the ghouls :) 

The "Nameless Hideous Manifestation" totally a perfect examples how the Old Dodsmetall works and sounde(d)d to be. It's also featuring the old primitives vibe from early tunes of Swedish DM in most heavy , crushing , and rottings producing, and what the albums make a stunning preference is how their develop the music and song together in left-hand-path of DM. The look how their created of song, build the stenching-melodies came in one packages, it's not to complicated song decomposing seem all the catchy, groovenous, fast grinding are blend in a good ways and it's more stinky and ugly always! SOULROT, probably another great DM bands arise and successful throwing the debut full-length albums for this years. And "Nameless Hideous Manifestation" make the listener rewind the old feels from the 90's Swedish Death Metal glorious era and crossed the lightning skies with their complete and decomposing tunes in perfectly ways of Death Metal!

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