Retribution for the Dead : Beyond the morbidity years of ABIOSIS

Somehow without any reason, times will stopped no matter how you try goes day by day and obey all the things happen around your side. The things grow up and the moments just go beyond morbidity of the flowing streams, and the book of death was closed before it's times. The eternally passion was written again today ..... 

+ +

In the early 90's, from the unexpected places of nowhere, there was a un-known bands arisen and given a nightmare to all growing young metalhead and dismembered the DM underground scenes around Napa, California. The morbid ancients was conducting by Curtis Gray (G) / Lincoln Lucas (D) / Cisco Alcazar (B) / Dan Nicolson (G + V). . And here, the story of "morbidity delicious" of ABIOSIS also the charred remains beyond the golden era of Death! And for me, it's quite interesting to find a real treasure from the past.

+ + + 

Between the years of 91 - 93, ABIOSIS has released two demo that I think surely given a good review from the 'old' zine editor around the scenes before they official split-up on 1994. And lucky on me, I know and met Curtis Gray on the social network, I mean the mainstream platform for all maggot like us (Facebook) :), I'm asking his permission to get all the ABIOSIS stuff again, and his promise me to sent a promo CD from all ABIOSIS releases. The promo contained of ABIOSIS debut demo / The Killing demo 92' and also the "Your Burial" live State Hospital' 93'. Firstly, let begin with the debut demo, 

It's alot interesting and quite heavy-crushing riff's guitar fill up all the rotten atmosphere thru this Self-title demo, sometimes it's sounded like a mangle-godzilla to me and "Charred Remains" that opening the demo totally brutal and contained so much obscure-aggression towards the drum attacks, the click of high notes on the tabs, and the vocal parts, it's perfectly harmonies! To be more priceless, ABIOSIS successful record and created a solid sound production and managed to compose all the song in simply ways with this demo that time,  

however you still can listen some of "fast" Thrash flavor through the demo and mixed with the heavy-death metal tunes. And what I loved from the debut demo, mostly the the man beyond the death-growl, Dan Nilcolson probably torture-sick his tongue and sing in pretty heavy of grunted-growl voices styles, it's make the demo alive and it's also the dirty-melodies bridges to Curtis Gray slicing-crunchy tones guitars.

"The Killing" demo was re-born from the same year of 92', recorded and mixed at Power Supply Studios on 31 Oct. Alot obscure death-arrangement and less of Thrash flavor surrounding the second demo, and comparing from the previous one, "The Killing" demo definitely a real path what they wanna created back then. More heavy to the death and dismembered all the song in morbid brutal ways! 

It's quite long of song decomposing and duration comparing to the debut demo, but you can find few new things appear on this second demo, example the slow/fast structure song arrangement exchanged quickly and more fast-grinding D-beat than before. Like a debut demo, the sound producing still same like before and you surely can listen to all parts clearly, and of corpse it's totally in a morbid-good production. 

And, what me feel drowned and sentimental totally when the tracks from the "Your Burial" live 93 appear from my player, I'm totally lost in distant visions and quickly brought into the 90's DM raw tunes, it's totally nostalgic! 

+ + + +

I still believed till today, ABIOSIS will rise again from the dead and when the day come. there was a keeper of death-cemeteries opened up the gates to let the dead walk among us. Walking, marching and singing the anthem of dark and morbid Death Metal tunes!!