Retribution for the Dead : World... (slowly rotten) and unraveled in putrefaction ways!

Something festering and malky around California-DM underground scene, the putrid process of rotting cadaver can be smell over the miles way. Unlike the other place from US, California are like a forgotten tombs for some of us, (maybe I also) and the dead can walk free among the corpses, eaten the human flesh, been buried, decompose and (carnal) leftover for thousand of years. Sometimes, it's really interesting to know a band that nailed from this rotten places. 

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DRAGHKAR was unbounde(a)d and repugnancy by BW (Guitar/Vocals) and AK (Drums). And without any long decaying, DRAGHKAR completed all the recording-putrid process in January, 2017 for the first attempt into the ground of madness. 

World... (slowly rotten) and unraveled 
"World Unraveled" demo successful delivered a reek of stench-decay guitar riffs tones, classick "stinky" beat-blasting, drowned-hellish growl-howling and followed by the rawness of stink atmosphere from the sound producing, which I think Derek Orthener and Andrew Lee totally lost their head (idea) for the invocation of DRAGHKAR first demo. The final result in "World Unraveled" demo totally slicing my ears!

The "Autopsy" feels can't be hide through the opening tracks from the demo. The combination between heavy-groove riffing, fast and (slowly-we-rot) tempo and accompany by the flesh ripping atmosphere, quickly make this tracks one of my favourites. "World Unraveled" demo also contained alot of creative idea in terms of the song-writing and decomposition. It's actually a examples how old stuff of Death Metal can be recycle and wrote it's agains with our styles and put it's in a stinky-cemetery with our own flavor. DRAGHKAR also featured a alot of thing from the characteristic of instrument-handle section. This is the best answer why Death Metal can be sounded more sick interesting and putrid when you take care yours instrument and always keeping it's out without a "mamstein" solo guitar! Ha! DRAGHKAR already proved the external way of Death Metal should sounded and played in "World Unraveled" demo. All the songs from the demo immediately showed and proved, DRAGHKAR are the last rotten missing puzzle-pieces for you to put it's back in Death Metal boards in terms of ugly and rotting decompose. 

Without long explanation, the band swallowed the high passion and loved to music what they played. DRAGHKAR played almost 10 + + minutes contained of most solid sound of Old School Death Metal in putrefaction ways and reveled by the classick sound of Finnish DM and can caught your ears and slowly make you drowned into nowhere in final mixtures of "World Unraveled" demo! Still a thousand rotting miles to go, hopefully the band will be successive and delivering a tons of sick and rotting stuff in the future. 

I think Jerasak from Witchhammer Production already done a good job to released a rotten-sick Death Metal stuff to us. Support the Death Metal-underground scenes! 

Feel free to drop by into DRAGHKAR-coffintombs and got yours ear exploded and purulent by the rotten sound of Death Metal!!