The state (...rotten process) and decomposition of Mas-Death Metal underground (Part. 1)

It’s always good and listen to the early tunes that nailed directly from our local underground scenes, especially in my places. Malaysia. Old releases will a good choices for someone like me to recall all the sweet and difficult days crawling out into the underground surfaces. I’m always believed Malaysian Death Metal bands that arise from the early of 90’s are doing good and successful throwing a good material in terms of sound, attitude (not at all!), stuff-releases and “memories” to their diehard-fans? Few weeks ago, I made a interview with one of the longer DM bands that ever existence from my own places, and one of the question that I’ve asked him, “Why some bands from the past, didn’t have any stuff releases, atleast a promo rehearsal? It's sound good to me. Some of them only focus play on the gig and never pay attention to releases their own material.”Maybe some of yours know better than me.

We calmly entering the darkside of 2000's with a same passion, bands, dilemma (read : the underground scenes was attacked by the mangle rats of media) and music (Some of them already changed their music direction) from the 90’s and also some DM bands already split-up and buried down into graveyard. Suddenlly few years ago, I can feel the warm from the revival of DM underground took over under the bloodred – MAS – skies, I don’t know if some of you called it’s a trend that hit the world DM underground surfaces that times, but it’s look new wave that dismembered me back then, and the otherside I think this new diseases that infected some of us (and you!).

Of corpse! The band list that I wrote on below definitely the bands that completed all rawness of disgusting-categories in DM coffin tombs in my hears and the list will grow in the future seem many of us now can accept this fvcking trend (actually it’s not a trend). And to be more specific this list only contained a sick (not technical-slam-brutal!), ugly, raw, morbid, obscure tunes and disgusting atmosphere of DM for sure!. I’m just enjoying my day listening to all my favourite local records and writing more “death mental illness”  that arise from our beloved scenes. The choices in your hand. UGH!


The bands that created and write a new path of MAS-Death Metal. Leading by a girl that surely can vomit all the darkest voices directly from the deep of rotting bowel. They managed to release two demo so far, and the second stuff release really blew me up, Terror From Hell records are have a good reason to releases their 2nd demo back then. In terms of horror and dark tales of Death, Kathgor probably one of the sickness and decaying that I totally enjoy lately, Hope to see them play live infront of my eyes in the future. Total recommended!


I don’t know how much I loved this band since the “Eternally Rot” demo hit the burial ground. The taste of raw-buzzsaw chainsaw sound, rotting-crunchy riff’s and deep slicing growl style been blend perfectly together. Still waiting their new stuff to be reborn seem their already releasing a few split with other bands from the previous years. “Towards Nothingness” still a running playlist on my player till now. ROT FOREVER!!


Swedish Death Metal surely as give a huge impact (...twisted) to our scene this coming years. Not forget to mentioned, Kuala Lumpur DM bastard, LAVATORY. In the veins of old Entombed and Dismember, LAVATORY  nailing the ground with their “Transgression” EP. Heavy crushing riff and unforgiven sound of HM-2 totally give a sweet dreams to all Swedish Death Metal worshipper. And, they definitely goes into other achievement, when Pulverised Records released their full-length album, “Morbid Terror”. In terms of song decomposition and how their dismembered the song, which I prefer the rotten structure probably been done in dirty and good way of Death! 


Crushing to the fvcking rotten-bones!!! Slaughtered the old tunes of DM and Thrash in their way! And of corpse I’ll put their names on here, seem the madness and dis-craving for the real tastes of unlight tombs! Already catch their live performances few years ago, what make me stunned on my seat probably the mixed between the old tunes of Obscurity and early Merciless are perfectly bond-crushing together. It’s not a rotting fairy-tales, seem their debut demo “Sadistic Rites Of Evil” are really great with a catchy-crushing rotting riff’s! There a genocide-winds blew around the gloomy-cemetery, SUCCUBUS will haunting the (chapel) with their full length on this years.


A band that appear on Necropilation tape and also a (old) band that started crawling from our scenes when our UG-path attacked by the “dirty rat”. In the veins of old Entombed and Dismember and for all maniac of “HM-2 SUNLIGHT-Buzzchainsaw” definitely will loved what INFELICITY offering. There will be two reason why you will loved this bands. Firstly, in terms of sound quality of the production and the second one probably the song derange(d)ment. It’s not just a copy-paste from the old tunes of Swedish Death Metal tunes, but it’s a ugly mixed grinding old formula and their own flavor. The influence that INFELICITY digging from the past only make them look more strongest, fvcking solid in terms of performances / song writing decompositions.  


It’s not a rumours anymore, seem this ghoul already appear on the Necropilation tape release by Kimar Records last years. And this is the new band was featured in this list but they already (severe) survived from the dead-scenes with other underground bands before. Raw taste of rotten Dodsmetall maybe the best answer for those still curious how SEPULCHER played like. And it’s might take a (thousand )of years for some of us to see another ugly and disgusting Death Metal arise from our local cemetery. Still no official release like a demo or something. Let’s wait and rot again!

The rotten (decay) decomposition process will continue soon .........