Endless aeons of glorious Pestilence lay ahead … ! (Interview with INCONGRUOUS / "DEMO MMXVI" review)


INCONGRUOUS are a solo project and crawling from the gloomy forgotten tomb around Mexico City-graveyard back some years ago. Reveal the morbid, obscure and rotten "sleazy" atmosphere and festering the real heaviness of Doom/Death Metal! It's remain as are one man band project repugnance by Larvae de Iudicio et Vox Exitium and the first demo, "Demo MMXVI" contained 5 tracks in mostly rawness and rotting way of old death already been prevails back in 2016. It's really good to know the existence of the band (better late than rot never!). And it's definitely make a strong impression and blew me up when I got a chance to listen to this release few days ago. 

"Humani Pestern Ascensionem" track directly open up the demo by a horror intro and double attack on the bass drum and it's featured what INCONGRUOUS will delivered onto you purulent and bloody disgusting ears in the next of 17 minutes and will put you directly into the primitive-gloomy-disgusting atmosphere. A build up crunchy-rotten riff's launches right after that and it's clear you'll find some difference impression towards the existence of raw tunes from the glorious era of Death Metal.

"Demo MMXVI" are embalmed all the ripping slowly tones and the carcass-cadaver growl that coming from the production will letting you rot with the doomier of the horror-creep melodies. You still can find some fast music arrangement through some song like "Bliss in Confinement", their various influences that come to re-build the creation of INCONGRUOUS, perfectly in balance mixed between the slow paced of Doom and nailed by the sound of rotten Death Metal. The whole production in "Demo MMXVI" will count as dark and pure disgusting producing, and letting the raw and morbid tunes of Doom/Death accompany your soul into obscurity night and will make you decompose and eaten by the stinky worm.

For fans those dwell the other ugly and putrid dimension side of Incantation, Hellhammer, Cathedral or maybe Black Sabbath can grab the demo directly from the band tomb and check out a full interview that I've done with Larvae de Iudicio et Vox Exitium and talk about the creation of the band and doomier to the death stuff on below : 



MIKA ROTTEN - Greeting! And welcome to death-tomb of DISCARNAGE! Firstly, thank you for replying this interview! 
Larvae de Iudicio et Vox Exitium - Greetings Mika ! This is Larvae de Iudicio et Vox Exitium, thanks to you for consider Incongruous to take part in your great ‘zine, a few ones actually are really interested in Metal ( in general ) like you. 

MIKA ROTTEN - Can you brief us how underground scene look today in your places? I don’t have such a connection to this country and less a band that I know crawling from there. But, I find some good and devastated DM germs from there before like Allusion, Carnot, Darkcreed etc… and now it’s really good to know the existence of INCONGRUOUS. 
Larvae de Iudicio et Vox Exitium - There are now a lot of bands, different styles, too many new bands and some old bands playing again but in my opinion there were some good bands in the past, today I see more people worried about being popular and other absurd stuff than making music that is supposed to be the main reason. I preferred to walk away from everything and decided to start over but with another way of seeing and spawning my sonorities. Things have change, only a few bands, labels and promoters try to keep the essence alive. About mexican bands, in my opinion there are examples of good stuff (old basically), old Disgorge, old Mortuary, Toxodeth.

MIKA ROTTEN - I guess, some of us still consider the real connection between USA and Mexico from the political or even economic. It’s easy to all underground worshipper there to carry out this spirit into the street? And you might know that some country still can’t stick with the extreme music. 
Larvae de Iudicio et Vox Exitium - It is undeniable the "famous" relationship between both countries but I think that who lives and breathes (whether metalhead or not) in the most coherent way possible, starting with being honest with himself has no barriers even if he lives in a place with all the shit there is ( created by same human plague ). About some country with problems to “accept” Metal music, I think in a band like Dusk from Iran they have formed years and are of a country that traditionally is not Metal.

MIKA ROTTEN - Alright! Please tell us more about how INCONGRUOUS formed back then, and maybe a reason beyond the DEATH/DOOM style did you pick as band music direction. 
Larvae de Iudicio et Vox Exitium - I spend many years playing in several bands ( Death, Thrash Metal mainly ) and was in 2013 when Incongruous came into my mind and the need to do something completely mine and make it sound like it did in my head : Dense, morbid, obscure and rotten.  I’ve always liked the monolithic atmosphere and heaviness of Doom Metal and combine it with greatness of Death Metal is the vehicle to conceive and so it will remain.

MIKA ROTTEN - I’ll say your debut demo, “Demo MMXVI” contained such a raw and morbid death to the doom paced. Heavy paced of riffs and deep grunted voice will join to created the dark atmosphere through that demo, and I’m really loved that! Can you speak more to our DISCARNAGE readers the full stories beyond the “Demo MMXVI” creations. How long do you take to record this debut demo, seem all the instrument was played by yourself. 
Larvae de Iudicio et Vox Exitium - All sonorities were created between 2014 and 2015, a couple more in early 2016, so as soon as  I could get the necessary equipment and started to record everything  I had in my head, it takes me 3 or 4 months to finish recording drums,  guitars and vocals,   .  Very early on my idea was to join a couple of people and do it  but quickly decided to do it all for myself,  it's actually the first time  I worked completely alone and this finally gave me the result that I was looking for (it's the first and main reason ) and playing with other people was a good experience in some ways  but honestly  I think that if other people are not in the same conviction, synchronicity, objective, commitment to themselves and only play "to have a band" or "because we are friends", for me it's a waste of time. 

MIKA ROTTEN - I’m still digging some classic touch from Candlemass or Black Sabbath till today, and speaking about the influence of INCONGRUOUS, I still keep my ears near to Coffins or Hooded Menace music. I don’t say INCONGRUOUS are copy of this band, but the feeling still can’t be hide. 
Larvae de Iudicio et Vox Exitium - Sure, Black Sabbath is the great one and there are some other influences on it, even Candlemass, but I was thinking in another great ones like Cathedral, Obituary, Incantation, Bathory, Bolt Thrower and Celtic Frost when Incongruous came into my mind, talking about Hooded Menace is a great band I’ve ever heard in a long time, I like Coffins too and many others.

MIKA ROTTEN - I think your debut demo should release in tape version, it’s will a nice to listen all your “sleazy” riff’s in tape analog version. Can we look it’s happen in the future?
Larvae de Iudicio et Vox Exitium - To be honest I really like release this stuff on tape ( or any other physical format is welcome too ) but I have the idea stuck in my head since the beginning it should be on cassette and will be done either as an independent release or if a label is interested will be great.

MIKA ROTTEN - It’s not easy to handling the band, some problem might happen and I already faced this situations before. And seem INCONGRUOUS are one-man band how did you handling if you have invited to play alive? 
Larvae de Iudicio et Vox Exitium - Exactly, as I mentioned before a band requires conviction, commitment among other things that not all people are willing to do, in this case Incongruous will not be a band to play live. It is for this reason that I decided  make it for myself, however I have no problem if it is to collaborate or receive some advice I am in a willingness to listen.

MIKA ROTTEN - In 5 years from now, what we can see from INCONGRUOUS side? Tell us more about your future plans with the bands
Larvae de Iudicio et Vox Exitium - I’ll continue creating more malformed tunes, as a personal goal that I like to share and if there are people who are really interested in Metal is a good thing.

MIKA ROTTEN - Before we wrath up this interview, maybe you want to put your best list of Doom or Death metal albums?
Larvae de Iudicio et Vox Exitium - It’s a hard challenge my friend ! Well let’s see, there are too many gems but in one list I’m obsessed with the following classic stuff :

Carcass - Necroticism
Entombed – Left hand path
Entombed - Clandestine
Edge of Sanity – Unorthodox
Edge of Sanity – Crimson
Morbid Angel – Covenant
Cathedral – Forest of equilibrium
Paradise Lost – Gothic
Saint Vitus – Children of doom
Candlemass – Epicus doomicus metallicus
Obituary – Cause of death
Incantation – Onward to Golgotha
Rippikoulu – Musta seremonia
Cancer – Death shall rise

And most recent bands :

Bastard Priest – Under the hammer of destruction
Desecresy – The doom skeptron
Hooded Menace – Fulfill the curse
Vorum – Poisoned Void
Encoffination – Ritual asecension beyond flesh
Ancient Crypts  – Devoured by serpents

MIKA ROTTEN - Thank for your times! It’s really honor for me to know the existence of INCONGRUOUS. Stay doom and prevails the dead! Cheers my friend! 
Larvae de Iudicio et Vox Exitium - Thank you very much for give to Incongruous a rotten-tomb in Discarnage ‘zine, such a pleasure my friend and total support for you!  Doomed Heavy Metal of Death !