Critical Madness : CASKET "Ghouls Of Filth" Demo / Tape

For those consider themselves a true or the gravedigger the early 90's Old sound of Death Metal will loved the final result on "Ghouls Of Filth" Demo, and I recently though to myself how lucky I am to knew the existence of this band, CASKET. The band was hailing from Germany and conducted by Marco Brinkmann,the debut demo by CASKET also show how great this man handling all the studio recording process parts and it's just flow like that before S.Genozider come to lay down his effort on the rotten drum-tomb set. This is the type of demo that can't easily faded away from your head after just listen once, a lot of greatness from the old chamber of Death Metal prevails and unleash the outstanding sound that came out stink on this 4 track demo's. Less of that, "Ghoul Of Filth" Demo it's definitely worthy for someone that loved all the "slowly-death" anthem by Autopsy, Obituary and Asphyx.  

Mostly from the song de-compositions on this demo are wrote in simply straight forward writing that maybe some of us thought it's a experimentation that came blast from the past or even the key that holder to re-open the dark and doomy atmosphere from the demo. I'm surely can say, it's a point that show or even proved the band already heading towards to the greatness path what some Death Metal band left this recent days. CASKET takes a few step into the old coffins generally from the music with their own flavor and horror-disgusting trademark.

All "dirty-filthy" track from "Ghouls Of Filth" Demo offered a classick rotting sound of Death Metal. It's served by the grimly-heavy riff's guitar tones on every track and certainly meet up between Death Metal and Doom Metal path. This classick combination you can softly spot filled up and created the dark landscapes that maybe spark from your amps. The first track from the demo, "Flesh Winter" has started the real musical that CASKET brought, it's really short from duration of times and was ended up by doomy paced that lead to the second track that sounded more heavy than previous one and embalmed all the Autopsy's feel. This epic style of slow-riffing guitar's give a new dimension just in few more second before the solo guitar's festering the whole creation of "Ghouls Of Filth" tracks. The second tracks maybe the highlight tracks on this demo if you asked me. And I'm really loved how this tracks flow and fill-up on the groovy beat.

From the darkness that prevails from "Ghouls Of Filth" Demo, the sound of crunchy heavy riff's and buzz-bass line played will smashed directly into your head. Something that probably hit's my head up, is Marco's voice. It's definitely distorts-monster-chocked growls represented from deep of rotting side of his own throat and give us numerous deathbreath to all song from the demo and I think his vocal approach on the demo are the important part how much heavy and disgusting brutal the demo has produced. The stand-out screams-yell from "Covered In Guts" track and mid-paced aggression beat turn in very well and make the demo end up with glorious feels. 

On the final crawl from the "Ghouls Of Filth" Demo, I'm really enjoy what CASKET already done, from the slower riff's into rotting-rancid riff's work well together and cherish all the atmosphere from the demo. The horror-vibe remains from the start into the end of the demo was played and it's just pure sickness of Doom to the crushing Death Metal sound.

Grab your copies of "Ghouls Of Filth" Demo from Lycanthropic Chants or directly smashed up your head to the CASKET tomb-pages for more details!  

Rotten rancid of Death, total gore and total doom!