Retribution for the Dead : Where "Pillars of Vengeance" grow? And the violent dark art from Edinburgh.

The Edinburgh dark-melodic Death/Doom, WOLF SERMON swirling my head this recent days like a crazy-ultra fast roller coaster. As I was listening to their first demo release that was unleash in 2016, I thought to myself that I need to come up with a full wake up energize on my brains. This is how Death Metal can be turn in a very good way or meant to be played, and you can't say no to the terms of heavy-dry of melodies tones from Death Metal creation. Simply will trap on your mind after skip your lunch time. Ha!

Those fans of old - At The Gates, Unanimated, Dark Tranquillity, and Dismember "Massive Killing Capacity" and "Where Ironcrosses Grow" era will definitely loved what WOLF SERMON already delivered and for those who enjoyed the first demo by WOLF SERMON would have a chance to dig a quite potential directly from this band and for those are not familiar to the terms of dark-melodic will be finally introduced on this 4 track demo's and maybe can tell you, sometime heavy work in melodic structure can bring a new vibe or sense to the Death Metal dirty landscapes.

The demo starts with a horror-sample dialogue that barely open up the mood through the demo. "Pagan Skin" directly deliver a high aggression to the atmosphere and the fast-ripping heavy of guitar riffs just straightly to your heads. "Pagan Skin" are build in very complex structure and been added with the mid-paced tempo between the fast and slow beat phrase, while you can spotted speeds things up on this song will generally changes after two phrase.

The band perfectly emerged some of my old memories from the Swedish "melodic" Death Metal bands and the heavy-crunchy guitar sound that may be sounded little similar to the Boss HM-2 will crack up for those listen to the demo. I guess Amarog and Jack Vincent perfectly created very good combinations between the rhythm's or riff's section. The demo by WOLF SERMON also show, how good the part of lead solo slaughtered, representing and approach on their song. Melodic, harmonised and sometimes reach the high climax of the fret.

In addition how great the demo was, the howl-sick-throat growled style by Baron serve the dark-heavy melodies throughout the songs and Baron's voices on track like "Violent Art" or "Pillars of Vengeance" just show us how great his voices representative the creation of WOLF SERMON. "Never Hunt Alone" are very little faster with own way, the blast beat drumming by Grzeg invaded the song atmosphere and introduced how fits and strongest him on the back seat of the band and handle the whole melodic-death landscapes from this demo. Fast! and it's totally pieces of violent arts hammered!

There no highlight track from the demo, seem all the tracks stand-out alone and sounded good to my ears and WOLF SERMON debut demo just show the real gigantic what will turn in the future from their side. Grimly, dark and simply of melo-death!  All track in "Demo 2016" by WOLF SERMON is total ears listening-punishing or even the final torture for those loyal to the early days of Swedish "melodic" Death Metal. With the heavy-fat-dry tones, the demo prevails the old classick fashioned melodic Death Metal in brutality ways and it's really turn well in terms of sound, song writing/decompose and the level that the band already dwell within. Get it now from Carvetii Productions! This one is a must hear Death Metal demo-release! And, I hope will listen more "Slaughter of the Soul" tunes from the band in the future.

P/S : All photos goes rotten-credits to WOLF SERMON band pages.