Retributions for the Dead : The epitome of putrid and rotting piles on "Undead Abyss"

We've already entering the half crypt of 2018 and the list of rotting death metal demo is never endless. I'm quiet remember the day I received Sepolcro's Festering Evocation demo in my mail, it's was few years ago and today once again I was drowned again when I received a news from Hannes that Sepolcro will ripping the flesh again with another new demo via Unholy Domains Records. There always ugly things that you can't change from the past, from how much this music already develop and quick crawled and infected the underground scenes. For me, Italian Death Metal-Underrrrground scenes always special to me. From the maniac, label, and the bands, and therefore so much filthy places around the tomb get surrounded by the burial fog in here, so many sick-disgusting music was born to make the legion of dead awake and festering the phlegm. It's was a good places to say for the underground fans to lived by. 

Much like countless other bands, Sepolcro is fulfilled with tons of surprise in their career so far, I mean the band have releasing a demo, what we called it "Festering Evocation" back in 2013, a split with Presumed Dead and later on decide to buried alive the band. The latest news that I heard, Hannes Delbello was involved with Ruptured and managed to released a demo called "Blurred Vision" demo last years. 

Short of rotting filthy, Sepolcro back with three 'rotting-putrid-ugly' tracks demo on "Undead Abyss". From 'Undead Abyss' into ugly skansk dead-beat on 'The Edge Of Infinity', the demo production gives me a impression that the release is likely straight from the early 90's, although at times will quick bring you into Autopsy 'Mental Funeral' mood. The raw-devastated sound just creepy and the filler of bones-crushing tones are totally enjoyable and the progressions between each tracks uniquely soundead very original and perfectly blend. The early intro and slow-paced on 'Bone Totem' possibly may distinguished the fact and you'll loved this tracks and drowned into the vocal pains. It's really doesn't matter if it's end like other Autopsy's song, Sepolcro just created their own rotting filthy misery with this song. My favourites tracks so far and you can't deny the putrid vibe! 

The three tracks Sepolcro provide you in "Undead Abyss" demo just pure with raw and putrid-pile death metal composed that is the ugly intent on severing into yours fvcking bones. Extremely filthy-disgusted sounding and all the ghoulish from Sepolcro knew exactly how a death metal should soundead with dirty production-mixed on studio. "Undead Abyss" demo  is almost the perfect death metal demo in 2018 so far!

Don't missed out "Undead Abyss" demo, it's just fvcking awesome old school death metal been wrot(t)en and does everything absolutely right on time. Yes, it’s maybe been done before and tons of band already put some high-end echoes to the music, but this is simply – putrid rotting death metal . It’s only a demo, and myself indeed just loved every demo's feel.